Article Marketing – You’re doing it wrong

I’ve been doing Article Marketing for many years now and it seems like all of the information you read or hear about is all about getting links. This is foolish, and if this is what you’re focusing on, you’re going to be poor.

Article Marketing is a great tool, but like with any tool you have to use it correctly or you’re simply wasting your time. Writing Articles isn’t for a link on the site you’re submitting it to, and if you’re spinning that article and submitting it to a bunch of crappy sites, you’re wasting too much time on nothing.

I don’t care how high your site ranks today or tomorrow. If you’re doing things correctly you should be building a site with authority. A site that will exist years down the road and still be making money. You may get lucky and find a site that makes you some money years down the road after a lot of “testing.” Consider yourself lucky.

Building an Authoritative site consists of time and patience. You need to be persistent and you need to build a ton of content. For most sites, this content is articles. When writing articles for marketing on other sites — you need to focus on VALUE.

Articles that provide no value are deemed useless. Google has been saying this for years, yet we’re still trying to “trick them” for quick and easy links… derp.

When you provide value you will be providing your users with answers. When you provide answers you give them what they wanted. You have no earned their trust.

Oh, cool, you’ve ranked #1 for Make Money Online and it was because you built 45,584 links this week? Sweet, I’m guessing that site of yours will be there for a while and I’m guessing it provides users with great content, spun like crazy. Spinned like insane. Turn like bonkers. Around similar to deranged.

You get the point.

Those who want overnight results will find little use in providing their users with great content and that’s good news for the rest of us. It allows us to build something that people will trust and continue to visit (and subscribe to your list, hopefully).

When writing articles you want to do more than build it around a keyword or a title. You want to provide answers to questions. Everyone has problems and everyone is trying to find a solution to those problems. This is why you need to build off-site content on other properties that allow you to become an Authority. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as you’re staying relevant to your niche.

Sure, the article will give you a chance to throw in some keywords, but this is where you want to do more than throw in a keyword in the anchor text. Add your URL. Trust me, post your URL/domain instead of a keyword and it will be just as good as sneaking a keyword in there. You can usually add 2 links per article (sometimes more, read guidelines), so use the other for a keyword, use one for your URL.

The point is that you want the reader to see the Domain, too. This is what I believe is the starting point to building a true Authority site vs. building a quick buck site. You’re getting the domain out there and that will hopefully (keeping in mind that Authority site domains do not look like, etc) help the reader to remember your site, especially if/when they click it and arrive at the domain to read the (hopefully) QUALITY content of your site.

The point I’m trying to make is this:

1. Articles should be meant for MARKETING, not link building alone. Those are cool, but the articles should be marketing you, as an authoritative figure in your niche, to help build long-term traffic. It sets you up to get more subscribers, more readers, more conversions over a longer period of time.

2. Article Marketing isn’t a one-time thing. Building 2-3 articles isn’t enough if you’re really wanting to build your Business. You need to constantly be adding content to your off-site accounts, whether it’s via an Article Directory or Social Profiles (think Blogs, updates, etc). You should be spreading the content around, but adding content will get more traffic and builds more trust.

Again, if you’re writing articles for links, you’re doing it wrong. That’s not what Article Marketing is about… you’re a writer at that point (even if you’re outsourcing it), so the entire reason you’re writing these articles is to get people to read what you write and do what you want them to do (follow your link and get more quality content).

Also, if you’re outsourcing your articles, make sure that you’re paying for quality, not quantity. It’s great to have both, but quality is always better than quantity.

SEO is broke money

Many months ago I remember someone mentioning how SEO was “broke money.” I couldn’t believe that person said that, but then I realized he was a CPA Network owner who was simply protecting his business. Slow money doesn’t fit in at CPA Networks, then again most CPA Networks have no clue how to utilize SEO and CPA offers, making them work in harmony.

The people who say SEO is “broke money” is always going to be either:

1. Someone who has no clue on how to REALLY make SEO sites rank (much less convert), and…

2. CPA Network owner.

We always hear about how “X” made $20,000 every day for 30 days. That’s awesome. It really is. The problem is — how much money did they spend to make $20,000 every day? I’m guessing $10-$15k per day, if not more. So let’s exaggerate and say that they made $10k per day for 30 days and then the offer they were killing it with was pulled… that’s $300k per month. Excellent money, no doubt!

But there’s still a problem. Most people who suddenly produce these numbers have never been there before and, honestly, got lucky. Most of them will spend that money on douchebag type stuff that is meaningless in life and makes most down to earth confused. We see it all the time, and some people have the balls to admit it on their own blogs (UberAffiliate gets props for that). It’s not easy to make $300k a year, much less a month, so when we see a person hit these numbers we’re all pretty curious about how they did it, and the fact is — most of them talk about it after the money is dried up for them. Campaigns die quickly in the CPA world, that’s just a fact.

So what does this have to do with SEO? A lot, actually. I’ve been a huge SEO advocate for years, but that doesn’t mean I bash paid traffic. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact…

It’s human nature to get worked up over seeing someone say “I made $600k in a month,” right? Of course it is. We’re in this business for that sole reason: money, and lots of it. But how much profit comes from those numbers, and how much money did they make after that? Most likely not much more after it died pretty quickly.

Now what if someone said that their SEO site made $20k per month? Doesn’t really compare to the look of that $600k, I’ll be honest. But let’s take a deeper look at those numbers.

Most SEO sites last for years (in my experience). It’s not hard to rank a site if you’ve been doing it for a while, even in more competitive environments. We don’t always need #1 rankings for keywords like “diet.” In fact, we don’t care about those keywords anyways, but let’s stay on topic (I know it’s just me, but pretend we’re having a conversation so I don’t feel crazy while typing this).

In my experience, most of my SEO sites last for 3-4 years, depending on what they’re about. I try to stay pretty general or very exact. Very rarely do I go in between. I either produce a branded (Authoritative) website or an Exact Match Domain (EMD) for a specific product, service or niche. Now if someone states that they’ve got an SEO website producing $20k per month, that might end up being pretty decent after all. If a website lasted 3 years and produced $20k per month — that comes out to be $720k in those 3 years. Of course, most Affiliates also have more sites, but we’re trying to stick to some basic numbers.

With paid traffic you pay for…well, the traffic. So $600k is RARELY profit for those who brag about those numbers. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but it’s not realistic. $720k for SEO in those 3 years costs…I guess you’d have to say we’re using a Dedicated Server, so we’ll be generous and say $200 per month x 36, which equals $7200. So $720,000 – $7200 is still not bad, right?

Now there’s always going to be people who will still bash SEO and say that these numbers don’t matter, but my point is that SEO is slow traffic, which is not appreciated by those who need fast sales. Those people will always bash SEO, and that’s OK. It creates less competition!

I’ve always told members of to be diverse with their traffic. Use PPC for their SEO sites if they’re quality sites. I also believe that there’s more to Internet Marketing than building SEO’d sites and running PPC to them. You should always test different traffic sources and offers and find out what’s best for YOU. Not everyone is going to be successful in SEO or PPC or Media Buys or whatever… everyone is different and everyone has their strengths. This post is for those SEO’s in Affiliate Marketing that hear people bash SEO.

Now, to dig a bit deeper — what about other SEO sites that make $500k+ per month? That’s for another post, but that’s real. Don’t let the unknowing make you feel the need to switch before you get moving, prove them wrong and ignore those with an agenda!

A Lot Of Lessons Learned

It’s been a year since my last blog post and I have had little desire to continue posting, but I figured I needed to update it every once in a while…once a year just makes me feel a little too special, and my ego can’t handle that.

This is more of a series of rants…

Over the past year I’ve had to deal with a lot of new stuff. New projects, failed projects, almost shutting down at one point, jumping in and out – then back in to different Traffic sources. Success, failure and everything in between. I’ve been pretty busy, too busy as a matter of fact, but thankfully I’m starting to become more organized and the stress levels have come down quite a bit.

I have a habit of trusting people too much. It’s a bad habit that I’ve carried around my entire life, but I don’t regret it as I’ve met a lot of good people because of it…unfortunately, I’ve met more bad people than good, but the good seems to over shadow the bad.

One thing I had experience with is that I was nice enough to hand over a bunch of free subscriptions to when we originally opened. Most of those subs were rarely used, a good portion of those people who did use theirs have been extremely helpful, a few have hit SERIOUS goals (including a Million dollar success story, etc.), but then there’s always a bad apple that you help far too often only to have that person stab you in the back. But I’d do it all over if I had the chance. You always have people who don’t actually do work, yet they want to talk down on your program. Then you have people who NEVER get involved in the program, yet come back to post their success stories (pretty awesome!).

It pretty much averages out across any training program, I’m sure. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of people through and hope to meet a few offline at some upcoming meetup’s in the near future.

Over the past few years I’ve done a lot of Lead Gen, but over the past 4 months I’ve become more and more involved and have been learning a ton from it. It’s funny that some of my SEO sites never even had email forms on them, and some still don’t. I still have a ton of sites to work on, but I’ve slowly updated most of them over the past few months to make sure I collect as many email addresses as I can (I know, this site doesn’t have anything right now…but it did!).

I’ve learned that people love to criticize tips and tricks without even trying them. “Test everything, assume nothing.” Don’t be an idiot. If someone tells you they’re making $500 a day with a little tip, give it a shot or leave it alone, but why criticize someone for the tip? I see that all the time on various blogs, forums, etc. it drives me crazy.

I’m still amazed by how people freak out when Google Updates their Algo. Really, do we have to do this on every update? If you’d just optimize your sites the right way – you’d NEVER have to worry about the updates as much as most of you do. Leave the tricks alone for important sites.

Why do people think you have to be an expert at everything in this Business? There’s so much stuff involved in Internet Marketing that you could never know enough, much less everything. I’ve made money with every traffic source possible, and I’ve lost money as well…but if someone said they were EXPERTS at every traffic source, I’d stay far, far away from that person. I don’t consider myself an expert on any traffic source, but I have more working-knowledge than most so-called “experts” that you’ll find. I’ve been in this game for a long time and I’ve forgotten more information that I could ever teach.

I got back into PHP this year and learned that I still hate it. At least I was able to brush up on my skills, improve some tools on and also develop some other tools for myself, along with other useful stuff.

There’s too many Affiliate Programs out there that do everything they can to screw their affiliates out of money…if the affiliates would rise up and walk away, those programs would die, along with the product(s) behind it. I’m not talking about CPA Networks, or even networks at all. I’m referring to private networks for products/services. I have issues with people trying to save a dollar through PayPal Mass Pay and instead want their hard working affiliates to get raped on the charges… stupid. Lazy. Pathetic. If I had more time, I’d create a competing product just to take them out. And I know I could, because I helped them become who they are.

If you really take a look into training programs out there, you’ll suddenly get the feeling that only a few are run by real affiliates who actually do what they teach… 😉

I’m currently brushing up on my design skills (if that’s what you’d call them) so I can create new designs for some of my sites. I actually enjoy designing stuff, and I could never find any good designers that were worth a damn that didn’t charge an arm and a leg for simple shit.

I sometimes get caught up in trying to make things perfect, as if I were going to be criticized for the work I do. I’m not sure why I do it, but I’ve come to the realization that it takes me a lot longer to finish projects because of that. On the other hand, I can’t stand working with people who want to throw up bullshit and think people should be OK with it. “Just get it done quick” is a stupid idea unless it’s done right… it actually caused me to nearly give up on Affiliit at one point. I hate being rushed.

I’m currently in the process of creating multiple projects and have teamed up with someone I actually met through affiliit. I’m hoping things get moving so we can get one of them done within the next few months. I think it will be pretty awesome!

Eh, again, this is really just a bunch of rants. I guess it’s a way to feel like I’m catching up on this blog. I’ve already got some posts in the works, so I’ll be posting them this week.

To that one reader who went through this…thanks, Mom! Jewelry

Competitive Intelligence Advantage

I love learning and I have a habit of purchasing multiple books at once (2-5 at a time) to keep my mind occupied. I’ve read through about 10 times more Business books this year (so far) than I did in the entire year of 2009. But as usual, I have a favorite of the bunch.

Being a Michael Porter fan since about 1999, I saw this book “Competitive Intelligence Advantage” and purchased it immediately… although it wasn’t written by him, I figured it would fill in some more updated information gaps I may have on the subject.  I actually purchased this book back in February and I planned on writing about this in March… as a matter of fact, this was a Draft from March, but I really haven’t had much time to finish it up.

The book isn’t for everyone, but if you have a lot of experience in Business, this book will be very beneficial. If you’re an experienced Affiliate Marketer, I still believe this book will help your Business quite a bit. In Affiliate Marketing we’re taught to collect a lot of data and focus on stats. While I believe you HAVE TO do this to get a good understanding in a lot of aspects of this Business, I believe some people spend entirely too much time on numbers.

What Competitive Intelligence does for you is to help you get past the “stats” aspect of Business and explain what real Competitive Intelligence is. Let’s face it, most people actually believe that CI is simply grabbing a bunch of information of what the company has done in the past. Wrong! Keyword: Past. There’s nothing intelligent about that…

What I won’t do is explain everything about the book right here in this post. That’s not fair to the Author, who has been extremely helpful and responsive, and I won’t even use an Affiliate Link for it. I think it’s a great book for anyone serious about Business. So, without blabbering on too much, here’s the link.

Competitive Intelligence Advantage by Seena Sharp (not an affiliate link)


A few years back I used a service called JetSpinner which was OK, I guess. It was like any other average, free content spinner out there. But they had this service called JetSubmitter that was supposed to submit your articles to all of these article sites.

After I tried it out (signed up for a trial) they made sure that you were screwed and they were VERY sure to make contacting them nearly impossible, especially for refunds once you found out that their article sites were absolutely horrible and worthless. They were no different than hiring a spammer to find old, irrelevant blogs that had PR 0’s.

When the owner, Todd, tried to screw me out of money and then gave me an attitude about it, I wrote a JetSubmitter Review. Apparently he didn’t like it when he did a search for “JetSubmitter” and noticed my site with the title “JetSubmitter Sucks.”

Well, I can’t lie – I’m happy to say that I’m still appearing at the #2 spot after all of these years. I mean if the owner of the product was actually a customer friendly guy/girl, I’d feel a little guilty… but, since this clown still doesn’t understand what Customer Service really is, I’m going ahead and “re-warning” people about this company.

Let’s take a little quote I found in the comments today of the old review:

Just stumbled on this site again… It appears to be the only place people complain about Jetsubmitter.

It appears there are roughly 10-20 people on here who had issues with jetsubmitter and decided to complain publicly.

But I want to make it clear Jetspinner has over 40,000 users, these few users on here are in no way the majority opinion. Unfortunately it’s generally only people with a problem that feel the need to post on threads like this.

And yes I do expect to ’stay in business’ Jetsubmitter has been around for over 3 years, has over 40,000 users and practically runs itself. Hundreds of users pay monthly for access to premium features and love it.

I try to be respectful in replies to customers, but quite frankly, its not burger king. The customer is not always right. I’ve had to fire a couple of customers for not wanting to listen or do anything for themselves and instead choosing to complain and cause trouble. But, this allows me to spend more time helping customers that are focused on results.

If this isn’t the classic “Hey Fuck you, I’m rich Bitch!” type reply from your local grease-ball, I don’t know what is. What an arrogant prick to come onto my site and rather than try to fix the problem, he tries to back hand every person in the comments section, except himself (see “Ron”) when he tried using an alias.

(also, note that he says “10-20 people” and it’s “the only place people seem to complain.” Right. Nice try, Todd-ler.)

Here’s the reality: JetSpinner may have 40,000 users. Hell, everyone wants a free content spinner. But to try to pretend that you have “40,000 customers” is kind of like calling everyone who you hand out a flyer to “my customer.” No, it doesn’t work that way. You had HAD 40,000 users sign up over the years for your free, yet average, content spinner, Todd-ler. You didn’t build something customers wanted to PAY for. Right?


Now let’s continue.

Jet Submitter is absolutely worthless. Period. End of conversation.

If you pay for this service after reading this, I can’t help but to think you’ve licked a few windows in the back of the bus in your lifetime, much like Todd himself.

See, here’s what Todd did:

1. Setup a free service to attract Article Marketers. (bait)

2. Give a Free or Cheap Trial (whatever he’s doing these days). (trap set…this is where he tried screwing hundreds of people, obviously. He made it nearly impossible to cancel before the trial was up)

3. Rather than acting like a real Business, he simply hides behind a scheme to keep you from ever having any contact with him. (aka you’re screwed, bitches! This is where he tried SO HARD to hide any form of email address. I had to use my searching skills to find his email and he made sure to make a refund a serious hassle, and he did this with a lot of other people.)

The fact is – there’s more comments talking about how bad JetSubmitter is in that little blog post than you’ll find from even the Affiliates.

Sad. Truly.

There’s so many LEGIT companies out there that actually provide customer support, rather than talking to you as if you were a total piece of shit for even asking a question.

This guy reminds me of another guy I recently had issues with. Rather than providing his customers with support – the guy would talk down to you.

Hello Business. Hello Customers. Hello Money. Goodbye Suckers.

It must really suck to have customers pay you money and you actually have to offer support, right? Such a tough world.

JET SUBMITTER SUCKS. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from this company if you don’t want hassles and problems.

Newbie Rape

The term “Newbie Rape” should be an industry standard. There’s so many people out there that have found out that it’s much easier to rape newbies than to actually provide good products, services and information to their industry.

Guru’s selling hopes and dreams (Filsaime, Kern, etc), Bloggers pretending to be Authorities (Amit, Zac Johnson, etc) and so on. There’s far too many people out there simply taking advantage of people who are struggling to make money online, or even people who are struggling, PERIOD.

Think about the reality of this for a second. How many people spend every penny they have on shit products recommended by, well, shitty individuals?

The fact is – everyone wants to be rich, but some people are so desperate to get there, that they’re willing to take the risk and spend those last few dollars on a product, service or information that was promoted as the second coming of God.

I really don’t care who truly believes these people aren’t fucking people in the ass, because they are. Plain and simple. There’s no Guru out there that isn’t taking advantage of their list, to the fullest extent – without a care in the world. There’s far too many Affiliate Bloggers (or “industry bloggers” from any industry) that are full of crap, and willing to make a few quick bucks before they’re through.

The bottom line is – I’ve always been disgusted by it. It’s downright dirty, slimy and then some. I wonder how many people fell for the complete bullshit by some of these people, only to be living on the streets down the road, all because they were sworn to by that person they bought from/through – and then UPSOLD on more BS? How many kids suffered? Family pets, friends, etc. it’s never “a person” who suffers from being screwed over… it’s more than 1.

People are so afraid to talk about this stuff because they believe they’ll “burn bridges.” Really? Dude, if you’re willing to walk over snake filled bridges for a few bucks, then you belong on that bridge where the others are.

There’s a lot of great blogs out there that aren’t trying to rape newbies… there’s a lot of great individuals out there that deserve a little attention – as they’re not trying to rape newbies. If you see any blogs sporting tons of products that are really similar, yet they have bad reps, then you’re probably going to need to carry some Vaseline if you want to continue reading that blog.

If that blogger speaks about how much money he makes, in a bragadocious way, then you may want to take another quick right and get the hell out of there. Anyone who brags about how much money is – is most likely a snake in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s those who are PROUD of what they’ve been able to accomplish, then there’s those who brag. How do you spot the difference? If they’re bragging about purchasing a house or car – it’s most likely pride. If they’re talking about how they constantly make 5-6(or more) figures a month – run. Run Forest, run.

Here’s a list of Blogs that are NOT filled with hopes and dreams, and seem to be ran by good people. If you’re not on this list, and you’re popular – it’s because you’re a shady ass person, period. If you think you can kiss my ass and get a link here, then again. Buddy-Buddy stuff doesn’t work here. I actually care about how people perceive me when it comes to ethics and trust.– Chad’s a great guy, and he speaks from experience. The guy’s making a name for himself each and every year, without even trying. – Ruck’s always been a good dude, and I’ve learned a lot from the guy. His blog is filled with excellent stuff. – Barman is hilarious, but he’s also got some good information on the blog. – I personally don’t know Linda, but I do know she’s been consistently putting up great content for years. Great blog, lots of info! – She’s got a ton of IM Skills. SEO Expert and knows about continuity when it comes to real Affiliate Marketing. Pay attention. – I don’t think Jeremy Palmer has a blog, so add him on Twitter. Smart dude, horrible football fan though (ie, he’s an Urban Meyer fan) jk 😉 – Kris took over this blog when Ruck went on to other things. He pretty much runs the show, although Andrew Payne has made posts there too. Both are smart dudes. – Brandon’s the Case Study champ.  I don’t know any other marketer that shares as much inside info as he does, to be honest. (PS 2 ads on his entire site!) – Any work at home mom’s should be paying attention to this one. Jen’s a cool chick, and has been learning a ton over the past 10 months or so. Hard worker! – I may be biased, as he’s my partner on Affiliit, but Chris knows his stuff, and obviously he doesn’t rape newbies, or I wouldn’t work with the guy. – Ian is a hard working dude, and after working with him on a Webinar (with Chris), I was impressed by how he wanted his readers to get as much info as possible. So, we made sure they did. Good info on his blog. – Get all the industry news here. – I never gave Bryn a chance until recently – and he seems like a very professional dude. Lots of good content on his site. – Wes has always had tons of great tutorials for things like T202, etc. if you’re not reading his blog, then it’s probably only because he hasn’t updated it lately 😉 – Eli has some great information on his site. Definitely check it out… – Rob’s got some interesting posts, and he’s definitely a hard working dude. – Andrew’s probably the most active Networking individual I’ve ever seen. He has lots of good content, too. – this blog has plenty of good content… read through as much as you can, when you’re not working. – Justin’s been around for a while, but his blog is kinda up and coming, I guess you could say. Some good content on there. – One of the coolest WP Themes you’ll see, but there’s plenty of good posts within!

(More coming soon… I know I forgot several people here.)

PPC Coach Has Class?

I just found out about an Adwords Ad for PPC Coach, and I’m hoping he’s just comparing PPC Coach to AftCoach (hilarious!), MediaBuysCoach (learn about running Image ads on Adwords!!!) or (what can you teach me that I can run with?)…

PPC Coach
More Training, More Tools, More
Experience, More Class. Join Now.

Hmmmmm. Really? More Class? More Tools? More Experience? More Training? WTF?

I’d love to know who this guy is comparing his site to, because not one of those things sound true (except for “join now” – because he DOES want your money, so I’ll give him that), even when you compare him to half of the new, thrown-together type sites out there.

We all know this guy makes most (wouldn’t be surprised if it was all) his money from his Training sites, and he usually takes his training site idea from another guy (Gauher, Affiliit, etc).

The only Tools I’ve found that he has are built by himself, because he’s too cheap to hire a real programmer… so, if you love bugs and no support – he’s got plenty of that. Not to mention that after he builds the tool, he then makes claims that [enter person’s name] stole his script (think Wes, Ruck, etc).

Training? WTF? There’s no training on that site. None…

If you’re new to PPC Coach, you’ll just have to count on reading through all of the unorganized forum posts throughout his site – and hope you can make it through it all in the first few months. If this is Training, then I guess I’m lost in space – because that’s just reading a lot, through random posts (inner thought: can’t I just do this at WF or DP?).

…of course, there are a few 2 year old videos that take 30+ minutes to snooze through…about Polls. Google Slapped much?

Experience lol I just can’t get over that. This is the guy telling his customers how to do shit that he absolutely has NO clue about (MediaBuys, SEO, etc), and he wants to pretend that he’s more experienced than others.

Class? Really? Whoa says the guy who saw how much class the owner has when he read my ppc coach review.

I thought the ad was irony, seeing as though the guy acted as if things were cool – and he had no problems, but then went out of his way to bid on our URL and variations of it, with BS like “2 moderators own” – as if we were still part of his site, or that he TAUGHT us anything.

Honest to god, the only things I learned from PPC Coach is that the owner is shady as hell, has the tendency to lie a lot and then threaten with legal action when people call him out for it.

On top of that, he stopped running his mouth after he figured out he and his partner could learn as much about Article Marketing on our site, and then turn around and CHARGE PEOPLE for their 3 days of learning about something they’re clueless about (I visited the site, and it was sad…just sad).

SEO? Really Scaremiah? You know as much about SEO as I know about how many pounds you lose after running up a flight of stairs at the Unemployment office, dude.

I can’t say that I’m shocked to see these types of ads, full of irony, each and every day… I guess I just gave him a bit more credit than he deserved, and figured things would just eventually die.

Lying about having class on an ad using  a competitor’s Trademark? Now that’s class!

WebCEO Special

I just received an Email from the guys at WebCEO that states they’re having a huge sale right now.

I got this same special almost 3 years ago, and I’m glad I did.

Here’s the deals:

Web CEO SmallBiz Unleashed
$129 USD (save $210 or 62%)
Professional Training and Certification in Internet Marketing included

Web CEO Professional Unleashed
$229 USD (save $250 or 52%)
Professional Training and Hardcopy Certification in Internet Marketing included

NOTE: The discount campaign starts now and ends on November 21, 2009.

These are excellent prices for anyone serious about SEO!

Get WebCEO

Selling A Few Review Sites

I’ve decided to sell a few Review sites that were causing issues with someone else.

I figure it will kill two birds with one stone… 1. stop some of the friction between me and the owner of PPCC, and 2. help someone learn about Review sites by handing them over (for $1) high ranking review sites that were making decent money.

I’m in a good mood and not letting any of the outside drama get me down.

I already found the “buyer,” and he’s currently out of work due to an injury, and he’s trying to learn Affiliate Marketing. I figure it would be a win-win situation for all 3 parties involved.

Update: These domains have been completely updated for the buyer, and now he should be able to make some easy money. I did make it so that I would get links back, but that’s just a given, since he should make a few hundred extra bucks per month (at a minimum) with these domains.

I’m still hosting them for him while he learns the in’s and out’s, but once he learns all that stuff – he will be hosting them on his own 😉

Hopefully there’s no more drama with them, but if there is – I will make sure it blows up in the face of the person it does, as this guy is just trying to make some extra money and learn about Affiliate Marketing. He’s not a part of any of the drama or bullsh*t, and doesn’t care to be.

If They Don’t Bow Down, Just Steal!

I can’t believe how pathetic the PPC Coaching guy has been since Chris and I created our own Internet Marketing Training program.

So, since my last post, apparently the guy decided that he didn’t want to pay his Moderators after all…

Yep, he made a big thing where he acted as if he was going to pay his mods, but rather than paying out of his own pockets, he decided to “allow” them to use PayPal emails for DONATIONS from his paying members.

Yes, it’s that sad. I mean how ridiculous is that? Oh well, moving on…

So the other day this guy tells me that “this guy” suspended his Affiliate Account at PPC Coach and tried to sucker him into GIVING HIM his Review site of PPC-Coach because the guy decided to use it to promote Affiliit instead.

Here’s the thing…

I don’t know what Legal Magazine he browsed through, or what Local Community College Law School Brochure he skimmed through, but the guy does not have the right to hold money from an Affiliate and then tell him that he can either hand him the domain for the money he earned from that site, or face legal actions. WTF!?

I won’t post the email, but I will say it was quite hilarious.

I’d love to see his US Trademark that gives him the right to make this claim to another person’s property and hold his money. Is this not a form of Extortion?

He has every right to hold the payment if it was against his pre-written rules. Unfortunately, he simply wrote them up in spite of this person, and now he’s done this with my account too. The problem with this is – it’s over a personal issue, and not “rules.”

See, anybody can see that the guy started bashing us and then lied and made up stories to make himself look good (that backfired, and he knows it). Then he went and decided to Copy our site as much as possible, while his partner decided to learn all the SEO he could in a week – so that he could teach all of those members there.

Then Barman made this post exposing the ppc coaching guy, and now he’s mad and trying to extort people for their affiliate earnings. Pretty funny stuff.

I guess the whole Gauher Chaudry episode made him upset, and now he’s decided to keep our earnings so he can purchase PPV 2.0 … hey, I see and hear that CPV-Coach is dying now, and he needs new material! Watch for those mysterious emails Gauher!

(PS It’s now cpv coach btw! this is what happens when you suck at branding…)

I could really care less about the money he owes me, but I might decide to change that here soon, just because I’m tired of the guy trying to bully people around, as if he’s some internet thug.

For now, if you’re looking for a ppc coaching site, check out Affiliit. 🙂