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Why Most Social Network Scripts Suck.

Everything posted in this post is my own Personal Opinion.
So, some of you might be here after seeing me argue with some moron (in my opinion) about how crappy his Business ethics (from what I’ve dealt with) are. Now I decided to make another post and keep it out of the forums.

I find it funny that the owner of this “certain script” claims I stole the script I purchased. Without proof of me not buying – he chose to say there was no proof of me buying… uhhhh, how did he come to this conclusion? I told him right from the start “me and my Business partner purchased the script” and yet he continues to accuse me of theft? Interesting Business Tactics!

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Introducing The Absolute Most Powerful Ways To Explode Your Competitors Income!

Dear Friend,

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent alot of time on Message Boards (forums) having discussions and even arguments about Products, Services, Food, Cars, Reviews and all kinds of other things humans are interested in.
…I’ve been there, for years.

And very recently I’ve Discovered The Key Elements to ruining your Companies Reputation fast and efficiently while helping your competitors blow you out of the water, FAST!
In this Special Report you will see, exactly, how to Absolutely Destroy Your Own Business On A Message Board.

Give me a few minutes of your time and I will hand you the most important information you will need to help you help your competition online.

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Monday Morning Quarterbacks…

You know those types of people… the ones who want credit after-the-fact? They come in late and act like they were part of the team who helped to succeed? The ones who want credit for doing absolutely nothing?

There’s a ton of them in this world and they lurk around every corner. There’s really not much you can do about them other than try staying as far away from them as possible. I know… I know… you might have never expected the ones who become Monday Morning Quarterbacks to be the ones closest to you. But, the fact is – everyone loves getting credit. Unfortunately, some people think they’re allowed to “take credit”.

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What happened to Joe Kumar?

So I was reading around earlier and I found out about this guy, this con-artist named “Joe Kumar” who was ripping people off of alot of money. Carlos Garcia seemed to be the only one who really stood up to the guy and the last he has heard of him was that he fled the country and got away before the cops came after him.

I’ve seen a ton of sites like “FreeJoeKumar” (Mike Filsaime created it to give away Joe’s book) as well as others…

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