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Jet Spinner, Jet Submitter Sucks

—————- UPDATE 5/20/13 ——————————–

Everyone, the product I use these days is called WordAI. It’s a GREAT service and definitely worth checking out!

—————- UPDATE 4/15/09 ——————————–

Guys, I’ve found great alternatives for Jet Submitter. 




I tried Jet Spinner, which also gives you the ability to use Jet Submitter, too, and it was a horrible experience.

I signed up for the trial and I spent about an hour and a half trying to figure out the system… I have never tried spinning articles before so I figured I would see how the results panned out.

I was having all kinds of problems with the systems and decided to contact Support… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… where is the support button? Help Button? Anything?!?


I had to look through emails… nothing… a search on google… nothing…

Finally, I decided to go to PayPal and find the email the payment was sent.

4 days later I was given the worst reply to a question I have ever received from any support system ever…

The answer was 4 lines long and had nothing good about it at all. No help at all.

I decided to cancel my account before I was charged (actually did this before the email was sent as I figured that if it were that hard to get support – there was no way I wanted to deal with it!), but somehow I WAS ALREADY charged… No biggie, I would as for my refund.

Ha… I got no answer, once again. I created a paypal dispute and, still, no answer… no reply…

Finally, after 3 days, I decided to escalate the dispute so PayPal could deal with it.

Hmmmmm… little did I know – PayPal automatically CLOSES these disputes in the SELLERS favor, if it’s a service…


So, basically, I lost around $30 and about 5-6 hours of my time dealing with this “company”.

Jet Spinner sucks, period. Jet Submitter is full of problems and submits to a bunch of useless directories, which all look the same if you visit them! I find it VERY odd, to say the least.

I find Jet Submitter to be a worthless product and the guy who created it could care less about taking your money and running.

DO NOT waste your money on Jet Submitter. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on Jet Spinner! It Sucks!

Freedom Of Speech: Just Watch What You Say?

Here in the United States of America we have something called “Freedom of Speech”. It gives each of it’s Citizens the right to speak their mind, unlike many other Countries.

Unfortunately, when you’re online – you have people that believe they can ‘sue’ anytime they desire…or atleast they believe they can threaten you with Lawsuits. Luckily, I know that I can use my blog in any way I desire… even if it’s speaking the truth about certain people in other countries, right?

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The Rich Jerk: Kelly Felix, You’re Still At It?

I loved the book… it was the best book I’ve seen in a long time by Internet Marketers because it wasn’t full of useless garbage. It had straight-to-the-point information that anyone can use to make money online (if they actually applied what the book teaches). Now I’m not saying the book was the most useful piece of information out there… I’m simply saying that with all the garbage that comes out (Mike Filsaime books from here on out) – this was ALOT better than other books. You didn’t have to go through 100 pages of content to find ONE piece of useful information.
But the problem is – the guy needs to stop trying to deceive people now. Video Blogs such as this one showing a “backdoor trick” to get The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript for cheaper and acting like it was a “magical egg” or whatever the hell the guy was saying is messed up.

I guess he really does think the average person is a moron? His acting skills are better in the hands of someone else playing “the rich jerk”, though 😉

Mr. Felix, do yourself a favor and do what you did best. Bring “straight-to-the-point” information and stop selling garbage or trying to pass off affiliate links as “secret backdoor passage ways to freedom and instant millions” or whatever the hell you’re trying now. Maybe Howard Stern Commercials will help you sell a few more copies of your played out book?

Like they always say… “You can tell when a Company is suffering and desperate for Business… they start spending a ton of money on Advertising”. Odd for a “Marketing Genius”, right?

Other people who are fed up with Compass Bank

Wow, this list was easy to find! There’s even a site called: “” haha! (nice list)

Just to list a few. I guess I’m not the only person who noticed how bad this Bank is and how crappy their Customer Support is?

Compass Bank: Customer Support at its finest!

So right when I click “Publish” on my last Blog I get a phone call from my Local Branch Customer Support. Boy is this getting good!

I spend approximately 15 minutes on the phone with this lady trying my best to keep my cool while she’s telling me everything is my fault. Finally when she calls me a liar (indirectly but yes, she basically did) I blow up and start getting upset. I basically told her I will be in to close my account and pay the overdraft fee and that’s that. But I’ll be DAMNED if I pay them their secret little $6 a day fee they never told me about. I don’t care if it was $.01 a day – I WILL NOT let a company get away with these cheap pick pocket tactics!
COMPASS BANK IS A RIPOFF COMPANY! Scam Artists should never be able to start a Bank!

Compass Bank: The one bank you should absolutely NEVER do Business with

Looking to give your hard earned money away for free? Try Compass Bank! They’ve got every hidden fee in the book… so many that you will NEVER have a penny left!

So again, I’m having to deal with Compass Bank and I requested that they either take some of their fees off of my account or else all of their fees. Either way, I’m done with this bullsh*t company.

More horror stories…

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Customer Retention Online?

Is it me or does it seem that Customer Retention for online “businesses” seems to be lacking? Take Clickbank, for example, and how their program works.

I’ve dealt with Clickbank on several occasions and well… to be honest I was less than Satisfied. But what pisses me off the most is the Business hiding behind them.

Most Businesses “outsource” to Clickbank for dealing with Online Sales and the “whole 9 yards” involved (Advertising, Affiliates, Merchant, etc). Clickbank to some is like a plug and play machine that can eliminate alot of daily hassles. While this is true — it’s also disturbing to me now that I’ve gotten a little more familiar with the system.

See, most “Marketing Guru’s” will tell you to use to sell your product for ease of use… shoot, most of them worship the service and act as if it’s a godsend. But is it?

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