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PPC Coach Review

Alright, so in the past I did a small review of my first few weeks at, but I’ve yet to actually finish up that review with a “real” review on what I think about the site.

First off, I just want to say that if you’re a total newbie – PPC Coach may be a bit too much for you. Basically, you need to have at least some experience with PPC to be able to grasp what’s being taught on this site, in *my* opinion…take it as you will. 😉

With that being said – there’s a ton of goodies once you get inside. Sure, there’s plenty of tools (a few that I actually didn’t even use until lately, and I feel dumb for not trying them!) and even some training materials such as Videos, etc.

But what I really like about the site is all of the members working together to provide a great source of WHAT’S WORKING NOW, and what may work later… all of the advice and tutorials that others offer, and now we just got our very first PPC Coach Webinar yesterday that ROCKED! I was really excited for it and I knew there would be a lot of great stuff, but I was VERY impressed with the end result, and I didn’t even get to finish it! Unfortunately, I had to leave like halfway through it… luckily, it will be uploaded soon for all to listen to/watch.

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Trick To Getting Landing Pages Approved On MySpace

OK, so there seems to be a very simple trick to getting your Landing Pages approved on MySpace. I just kind of found it out by mistake… and a little curiosity.

So it’s simple, just make sure your target URL is on a server you have the ability to control. Got it?

Now…you can do it several different ways, but I prefer doing it this way for the sake of having another backup:

Then the Landing Page is an index.php page. The index.php file simple has an echo holding the HTML from a simple Email creative for the Product.

See — MySpace is VERY picky about landing pages having Trademarks, Celebrities, Bikini’s, certain text, etc, etc. But they’re really picky on Popups too! You can’t have any exit-popup’s either.

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Start Your Day Off With Research

I tend to get my day started off with checking emails, clicking a link, getting involved in other links and after about 2 hours later, I realize that I’ve gotten nothing done. Seriously, it’s a bad habit.

So, today I figured I would try a new trick… each morning I will start my day off by opening up a new window in Firefox and every Research Tool I need will open up…

Google Trends, Site Exporer (Yahoo), Nichebot, Compete, Yahoo! Buzz, Microsoft XRank, etc, etc. I have about 12 pages open up right away.

In case you don’t know how to do this – you can create multiple home pages in Firefox by adding Pipes | between each URL.

Like this: | | |

Just go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > (MAIN) > Homepage | | |

Add as many as you want and it SHOULD (theoretically) help you become a little more productive, if not more motivated.

(UPDATE) I noticed that the URL’s I’ve added are showing up as like 8 spaces from the Pipes… just add ONE space  (if any) to help out your eyes… I didn’t add that much space, it was WordPress. 😉

8 Seconds To Sell

What if you had only 8 seconds to sell to make a sell to someone?

Sounds nearly impossible, right?

Well, what if I told you that, as an Affiliate Marketer (or Internet Marketer) you DO only have (on average) 8 seconds to sell someone on your site.

That means that the average visitor will spend 8 seconds on your site before making a decision whether they need to leave – or stay…

So, with that being said, how is your landing page(s)/site looking? Is the copy good? Does the site load fast enough? How are the Page Titles? Are you SEO’ing your pages the right way?

Think about the 8 second rule every time you pop up a new landing page/site. The fact is – you are probably losing a ton of money because you’re NOT thinking about that 8 seconds!

Cutting The Nonsense Out Of Your Life

I started doing Affiliate Marketing (full time) about a year ago…almost! But, it hasn’t always been so easy. I actually just got completely tired of having clients always contacting me for help, to be honest, and that led me to actually dropping all but one…

Last summer I went back home for a vacation, met a girl (she’s kin to the devil, I just didn’t know at the time), took more time off from work, hung out by the pool a lot, and finally everything came to a crashing halt.

At that time – I just wanted to have fun. I had been working all the time for almost 2 years straight… no fun, few friends to hang out with and no fun. It was my choice, but it was still hard. I had fun, for the most part.

But, when all was said and done… I had nothing left. I wasn’t making much money while I took the breaks. Well, not much compared to how much I make now (no, I’m not a millionaire or anything), even if I take a vacation.

That’s when I started looking into where I always seemed to make money, no matter what… and that was through several Affiliate Programs. I decided to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and found Wealthy Affiliate. I studied everything they gave access to, including the forums. I became hooked on learning and implementing all of the strategies I read about (or heard about) and tried as much as I could, even the ones I knew would fail…

I started doing good again and along came the Devil’s next-of-kin… the ex-nutcase ex-girlfriend. After about 2 weeks of talking to her again, I realized that I let her take me away from my work, even when she was supposed to be working. I got nothing done, again.

Then I finally kicked her out of my life again thanks to information from her cousin. It saved me from a major headache and her advice (from the cousin) kept me from going off the track… thank god.

Even after the initial struggles, the thought of possibly wasting my time and then the thought of wasting my money and being broke – I started to realize that there’s no other business that I would enjoy quite like Affiliate Marketing.

Next week I will be taking a 5 day vacation and I will be paid for every minute that I’m there, guaranteed. When I get back – I don’t have a ton of work to get back to… no boss, no crazy emails, phone messages, etc.

So, while it hasn’t been a fantastic voyage, it’s been the most exciting “job” I’ve ever heard of, much less worked at.

I guess my point is — make sure you stay focused. This business is NOT easy when someone is trying to pull your mind away from your future. Everyone wants your attention when you need to be focused… so, focus on them when the work day is over.

I know, I know… it’s so easy to say it, unlike the reality that I just exposed myself for. But, things have changed. Those that want my attention understand that I have work to do and I’m very passionate about my work. They don’t whine, bitch, moan or complain when they’re not receiving replies to text messages or emails… or even IM’s.

Cut those types of people out of your life, if possible! I wish I would have sooner. I’d be so much closer to my goals right now.

What Are You Tracking?

If there’s one thing that I suck at – it’s tracking. It’s not that I’m not any good at actual tracking, since I DO use software for that… it’s that I can’t stand going into that much detail. Sure, it may increase profits when you start looking through data, but it’s just soooo damn time consuming!

To be honest – I use so many different scripts to help me collect, sort and sift through data, yet I rarely ever check them. I’m lucky to even remember to check out my Analytics stats.

I need to break the chain… I’ve been really lazy when it comes to doing some of these (what should be) CRITICAL steps to increase my revenue. Hopefully I’m the only one who’s doing this… ha!

Seriously — track as much as you can and make it a HABIT to understand this data that you’re capturing. Measure everything you can and you will definitely start increasing your daily, weekly, monthly and annual income. I guarantee you.

The Industry Is Shady, Get Used To It

As with most industries, there’s a shady bunch in every crowd. There’s always going to be a few “groups” (companies) who tend to shave sales, claim a few sales as refunds, etc.

What can you do? Either suck it up or don’t send traffic to that company again.

The fact is – all Affiliate Marketers are Traffic Brokers. It’s YOUR traffic that YOU worked/paid for… WHY give it away for FREE? You’re losing more than time by doing so…

I’ve been working with one company for almost 2 years now… they were the reason I got started in this industry and left Web Development behind me. They treated me good, until I spoke out about a few shady practices going on. Sure, I could have kept my big mouth shut – but I wanted to warn innocent people I had worked with, and for, about the “practices” going on within their community.

Recently, I notice that my Commissions go up and down — but have NEVER come close as they did prior to me speaking up…

Sure, it could have been coincidence, but I tested to see if it was… and it was not. They were ripping me off. I found out a way to see all of my pending sales, starting a few months ago, and have noticed that I only seem to receive the SMALLEST sales… all of the highest, ironically, disappear. “Refunds”. Sure. I bet.

I’ve been in this industry for a while now, but I also grew up around Business people who have built solid businesses that still exist, even after they have passed. I spent 8 months in Vegas watching some of the biggest con-artists around… so, I catch on when it comes to these clowns.

The easiest thing to do is to switch from one merchant to the next…

Guess what? 9 times out of 10 – you will notice sales go UP. So far, they’ve gone way up for me. Coincidence? Hardly. I was getting ripped off and wasn’t focusing on switching my traffic… or shall I say “re-routing” my traffic.

In the CPA Game, you’ll see this a lot more, I’m sure. So, you’ll see how easy it is to go from one merchant to the next. Not hard to do at all.

Don’t let others screw you out of money. Show them how easily you can screw them out of sales, the honest way… walk away and give your traffic to someone who will treat you with respect!

Are You Setting Goals?

I’ve been getting really unorganized over the past few weeks and it’s becoming a major problem for me…

Thankfully, I’ve successfully quit smoking, again, and I’ve started back on Precision Nutrition, working out like crazy and now it’s time to get back on track with work… since all of the good things above have seemed to destroy my old daily routine =)

To be honest, I rarely followed my daily routines I had written on paper and posted on my Cork board, anyway… (and my dry erase board and my computer, phone, etc…)

So, now I have a HUGE sign that says the following:






and more… some of you may be confused with PPC and Placement … yes, Placement Targeting is PPC – but it’s “different” in my opinion as 99% of PPC’ers tend to run Keyword Targeting only.

Obviously, I have other stuff on this list – but those are my MAIN goals. They will be different in about a month, but for now they’re perfectly fine and will help me get back on track.

What are your daily goals?

Affiliate Marketing Newbie Tip #1

I see a lot of Affiliate Marketing Newbies who get stuck with paying a lot of money for hosting accounts for their Domains. This is a mistake, in my opinion, as there are much better ways to accomplish this feat and save a lot of money in the long run.

Rather than pay $5-$20 for a hosting account for 1-3 domains, you should focus on getting a Reseller account in which you can host as many domains as you wish, for MUCH cheaper in the long run. One of the Hosting companies I use is…and it’s better than the other companies I’ve used/use.

But there’s other companies that exist that you can good service from as well. offers a reseller hosting package for a decent price, and they are great with uptime guarantees! is horrible… I advise you to stay away from this company, PERIOD.

You can find a lot of Reseller companies on Ebay, but I do not suggest to go this route. I’ve dealt with almost every company listed on ebay and rarely do any of them have good service.

With a Reseller account – you will receive WHM (WebHostManager) or PLESK that allows you to quickly and easily setup your hosting account for your domain (each one). If you use GoDaddy for your Domains, you will be able to have your Website up and running within 30 minutes. I usually only have to wait for 10 minutes, whereas companies such as 1and1 will take up to 10 hours, minimum.

Hosting matters… hosting can make or break your Business of your site is down and you’re spending time promoting the site. Uptime is what you need to worry about, and downtime is what you should NOT have to worry about! 😉

I hope this Tip helps you get started with your Affiliate Marketing career!