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Google AdWords Updated

For those who don’t pay attention to the AdWords Blog – they’ve updated it recently regarding changes in AdWords, including Quality Score:

Improvements to Ads Quality

We’re always working on improvements that will help us show the most relevant ads to our searchers, and we’re excited to tell you that we’ll soon introduce two changes designed to enhance how we calculate Quality Score and rank ads. The first change helps better evaluate the precise quality of your ad – regardless of its position on the page. The second change improves how we promote ads to positions above the search results. Let’s take a look at both of these changes in more detail.

More precise Quality Score calculation
Clickthrough rate (CTR) is the most significant component of Quality Score because it directly indicates which ads are most relevant to our searchers. As you probably have observed, ads in high positions typically earn better CTR than those in low positions, because ads in high positions are more visible to searchers. To calculate the most accurate Quality Scores, it’s important that the influence of ad position on CTR be taken into account and removed from the Quality Score.

In the coming days, we’ll update the portion of the Quality Score algorithm that accounts for ad position. This will result in more accurate Quality Scores, ensure that ads compete fairly for position based on their quality and bid, and enable Google to show the most relevant ads to searchers by rewarding high-quality advertisers with better ad positions.

Higher quality ads above the search results
We’re also improving the way we determine which ads show in the yellow region above the search results. These positions are particularly valuable to advertisers because they are prominently positioned on the page. Given their prominence, it’s especially important that these ads be high quality; we therefore place extra emphasis on quality when determining which ads to show in this location.

To appear above the search results, ads must meet a certain quality threshold. In the past, if the ad with the highest Ad Rank did not meet the quality threshold, we may not have shown any ads above the search results. With this update, we’ll allow an ad that meets the quality threshold to appear above the search results even if it has to jump over other ads to do so. For instance, suppose the ad in position 1 on the right side of the page doesn’t have a high enough Quality Score to appear above the search results, but the ad in position 2 does. It’s now possible for the number 2 ad to jump over the number 1 ad and appear above the search results. This change ensures that quality plays an even more important role in determining the ads that show in those prominent positions.

Keep in mind that these enhancements may cause changes to your ad position, spend, and performance. We’re launching these updates soon so that you’ll have enough time to review your accounts and prepare for your holiday season advertising. While we don’t believe that any immediate changes are needed on your part, we encourage you, as always, to watch your key metrics and to make adjustments as appropriate.

We’ll post again once these changes are live.

Customer Retention Online?

Is it me or does it seem that Customer Retention for online “businesses” seems to be lacking? Take Clickbank, for example, and how their program works.

I’ve dealt with Clickbank on several occasions and well… to be honest I was less than Satisfied. But what pisses me off the most is the Business hiding behind them.

Most Businesses “outsource” to Clickbank for dealing with Online Sales and the “whole 9 yards” involved (Advertising, Affiliates, Merchant, etc). Clickbank to some is like a plug and play machine that can eliminate alot of daily hassles. While this is true — it’s also disturbing to me now that I’ve gotten a little more familiar with the system.

See, most “Marketing Guru’s” will tell you to use to sell your product for ease of use… shoot, most of them worship the service and act as if it’s a godsend. But is it?

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A Million Profiles … Check it out!

I found this site called “A Million Profiles” earlier. I didn’t understand what it would be about because the name implies profiles but it’s a blog… So, I figured it out. It’s another one of “these sites” that are trying to earn a set amount of Money, links, etc. But this one is different!!!

I actually never get involved with sites like this – even when they Invite me (Which this one did) but this one was created for a LIFE cause. What I mean by this is it wasn’t created to make someone rich or get someone alot of hype… this one was created to earn Donations for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation which is definately a great Foundation. Having family members die from Cancer (2 and another is about to pass) and having several friends pass away from it as well – I am definately going to give this site a spotlight and hope others will check it out!

So, stop reading my nonsense and go check it out: A MILLION PROFILES – HELP FIGHT CANCER – BREAST CANCER DONATIONS!

I truly hope this site takes off and creates the buzz and the donations it was intended for.

Now Anyone Can Get Free Advertising

As you know some of the best ways to get traffic to your site is through the search engines. And as you know search engines love blogs.

If you know how to use blogs you can easily get more traffic to your website just by posting your keywords in the title and having your blogs indexed.

Other ways to get traffic to your site is to use popular free traffic exchanges. They come in many forms such as start (homepage) exchanges, safelists (opt in email ads), toolbar ads such as and forums such as the free advertising forum.

If you are looking to kill 2 birds with one stone, you can advertise for free on a new BLOG that actually allows you to place your ads for free on their site.

The reason this is good because you get all the benefits of placing your ads on a BLOG and you all get to advertise for free.

Most people would look at this as a no brainer. Although most webmaster do not like people to advertise on the blogs, this site was made just for that.

It is free to join and thousands are flocking to this service to drive huge traffic to their sites in ju8st days by simply posting one little ad on their home page.

Anyone looking to increase their profits should look in to

$15K Challenge… now $30k Challenge?

The quote on the top of the page simply states: “Because We’re Twice As Good As That Other Guy :-)”

Pretty funny… until you notice “We’re” in the quote. Yes, there’s 3 guys on this project so the math doesn’t add up to me… but I’m still interested in seeing how they pull it off. The $15k Challenge by Dan Raine started off as alot of hype but has now finally “started” with a product, which is dealing with Crafts…which I’m curious to see how he’ll pull it off. Since I’m not interested in Crafts – the project kind of threw me off and I’ve hardly visited the site lately, although that should be a bigger reason to do so…ehhh, I’ll see what’s up in a few days although so far – no sales. =\

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Does Money make an “expert” an EXPERT?

I’m constantly finding all of these “Internet Marketers” claiming to be “Experts” in… well, just about everything. Some make good money, so they claim, while others don’t claim to make any specifics – just “millions”.

I see alot of these “Adsense Experts” or even better: “Adsense Gurus” claim to be making $20,000+ per-month with stories of how “they can help you Discover ways to Explode your Adsense Income”……..basically claiming to make you earn as much as them (just see their Earnings Disclaimer and any other Disclaimers on their site before purchasing!) within a few hours.

The BEST parts of their stories that they DON’T tell you about are:

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