Moving Forward with SEO

Over the past few months I’ve realized that passion and money don’t always work out the way you would hope. My passion (Baseball) is very limited compared to what I’ve been doing over the past 13 years now. Unless you’re a high-level coach or you own an incredible product that sells extremely well, there’s just not enough money to reach your goals, financially speaking.

So since September I’ve dug back in pretty hard to learn more about SEO, now and in the future. My knowledge from the past is still there, but brushing up a bit on some stuff always helps. I mean I just drove a brand new site from 0 searches a day at the end of 2015 to 58,xxx/day in late 2016. Not bad.

I’ve been working with clients over the past few years but I didn’t really feel that most of these clients were difficult as far as “having fun with it”. These days I’m working on client acquisition myself, focusing on generating my own leads and working with clients throughout the whole process. I think that doing white label stuff was decent money, but there’s a lot that is left on the table when you’re behind a wall and not able to get a good understanding of the job that needs to be done, no matter what information that the middle-person gives you. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for those that brought me clients… it just felt like thankless work though.

In 2016 I am revamping my digital marketing agency that I started back in 2008. I feel like it was left to rot since then as I was working on just affiliate stuff, then on to startup projects that eventually failed (but those were fun to work on!), at least for now.

Now I want to focus more on generating a client base and overseeing the work being done. I don’t mind doing the work, but there’s parts of it that I would rather hire others to do. That will be my strategy for 2017.

Of course, I also have other stuff that I will be working on. I have some side projects going on and I will also be digging into affiliate marketing again. If that takes off then good…but I will continue on with my clients either way.

I intend on making 2017 the best year I’ve ever had by far. Financially and physically (the big 4-0 coming up soon…yuck).

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