Why I Miss Affiliate Marketing

It’s been a while since I really took Affiliate Marketing seriously. I’ve been so caught up in chasing dreams that I left my old businesses to rot. I got tired of what I was doing. Boredom, I suppose. It was a foolish mistake, but it’s also one I’ll always have.

I get bored easily. I get tired of doing the same thing over and over. I’m a learning addict as well. I cannot stop learning, but it has to be something different. For instance, over the years I’ve gotten involved pretty heavily in coaching baseball. It’s something I DO NOT get bored of. I’ve gotten many health and fitness certifications during this time too, because my theory is that if you’re going to learn something in detail – get proof of that, if possible. I’ve gotten nearly a dozen different certifications over the past several years and it’s been fun, because I’m an addict when it comes to learning, as stated earlier.

But I still have to make money the way I know how, the way I prefer: online, in my own comfort of my own home in my own time, etc. But because of my issues with boredom I lost a lot of money. When I had projects fail (and I worked HARD on those) I had to figure out how to pay my bills. I had to get back into client SEO.

Honestly, it’s not even close to being a passion. I sometimes flat out dislike it. The money is (usually) great, although that’s been tough this summer since the industry I focus on is a bit slow, but it’s not something I wake up to thinking YEAH! LET’S GET TO WORK! Nope, I usually wake up thinking “I cannot wait until I get time to read that new book on plyometrics…oh yeah and the new Frans Bosch book that just came in the mail!”

My addiction haunts me.

My brain doesn’t quit until I have to do something I just don’t want to, then it suddenly slows down.

This is why I miss affiliate marketing. No reports having to be done, no worry about a client finding a cheaper deal, or possibly getting shut down by the attorney general shuts them down (this just happened to a client). No more proposals being submitted, etc.

Obviously affiliate marketing isn’t any more stable than other types of businesses, but for me it was much more stable than what I have to deal with these days. I HATE SELLING, but luckily I have a great company that finds me business…unfortunately things are slow on that end. It was always so much easier just working on my own sites when I wanted.

I’m slowly trying to get back into affiliate marketing, but it’s tough. I’m not even sure where to start anymore, because my brain tells me to do this…and that…and also that. I’m all over the place, so I’m currently working on a few projects and I’ll watch them grow, slowly but surely. I realize that this can cause issues with getting one thing moving, but after watching several projects go to crap after many, many months of hard work I have given up on that idea. I just can’t put that kind of faith into 1 project like I used to. Plus my brain doesn’t seem to work well with that type of philosophy. My Adult ADHD makes it tough on me. I’ll be trying to update this blog a bit more, but yeah that hasn’t worked out too well in the past 😉

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