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I’ve been involved in SEO for over 13 years now, which is a long time. It’s been an interesting road, looking back. I’ve seen a lot of crazy changes happen with Google, many SE’s disappear, and many start up.

In that time I’ve used a lot of tools, many I can’t even remember the name’s of. WebCEO used to be one of my favorites before I found out about SEO PowerSuite. I still use some tools like SEMRush, Majestic, Ahrefs and others, but when it comes to creating nice reports for customers, I still like SEO PowerSuite by LinkAssistant.

The fact that I can run reports that can be labeled with my company name, logo, etc – and easily sent to that customer/business makes it more than useful.

Why I use it

I like to use Website Auditor to create reports for customers that lets them see issues with their sites in detailed or summary views, depending on on the customer, of course. It allows me to show them all of the issues that were found with the site, add notes (if needed) and send it out via PDF or HTML (I prefer PDF).

I normally use PDF’s so they can open it up easier and have a copy of the issues on their machine. I don’t worry about them having the “issues” in front of them, because most people that are looking for a professional SEO are looking for someone else to do the work. Plus, most of these clients aren’t that savvy, so they wouldn’t be able to make these fixes anyway.

By running these simple reports on my own machine, I feel more in control. I haven’t tried Raven…well, I have, but I’ll admit that I didn’t take the time to really learn it. But I like having tools on my own machine. I always have the reports, even if I go on vacation and can’t find WiFi (been there).

As an SEO it’s important to have many different tools when you’re doing Website Audits, Link audits, etc.

What it Looks Like

Website Auditor provides you with a very detailed view of issues going on with your site, from internal and external links to missing pages, meta tags, etc. I love the simplicity of it.

* I also use Screaming Frog at times, but when it comes to reporting I always use Website Auditor.

The views are awesome.

As you can see, you can create summaries or detailed views for these reports, giving your customer an easy-to-access report that shows them exactly what’s going on with their site.

Most customers LOVE these reports, even when they’re clueless as to what they mean. I’ve actually given a report to a company who used it to fix some issues, but then hired me to finish out the larger issues that they didn’t feel comfortable with. While I didn’t get the “big” contract, I still got a client.



There’s also a other tools within this app, such as content analysis, domain strength, etc. — all valuable tools that can help you dig deeper into the clients’ website(s) when you have them under contract.

What version should you buy?

The issue with this app is that you really need to purchase the Enterprise version in order to unlock the branded reports. While this does cost a bit more, you can do a lot more with this version compared to the professional version.

The Enterprise version allows you to create branded reports for clients, which means that you can easily add your company name and logo to the reports you send to your hot leads.

There’s a ton of options in this tool, so it’s well worth the cost if you’re serious about getting more clients.

How to use it to get more clients

When I first purchased the software years ago, I had this big plan to build tons of reports for local clients. That didn’t happen. The one negative about this software is that you’ll have to wait for the reports to run, especially if you have larger sites with tons of pages.

However, that’s pretty much the same for most other, similar, tools that I’ve tried (online and off). They all take time to be created, because they all rely on various resources. What I like about this one is that I can drill down specifics much easier, much similar to Raven. If I want to analyze social media, I can. Pages, links, etc. – I can keep them or remove them.

How I use this software is simple: I submit “applications” or inquiries to companies that have been looking for help, or local companies that I run across that need help.

Tip: check out sites like and find companies that are already advertising there. These companies are already paying money and not quite sure what they’re doing…they could use a pro SEO to help them get more traffic.

When I find a warm lead, I run a report for them and then give them a brief summary of what I found with the report (and Screaming Frog, sometimes). I sent them the branded report and do my best to sell them on the service.

Pretty simple. For those that love SEO and want to do this full time, this is a great tool. Absolutely awesome.

You can pair this up with RankTracker once you get the client to sign in, and you can then use SEO Spyglass or SEMRush to get a better look at what they have going on with keywords, links, etc. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Spyglass as it takes a while to run, whereas Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and SEMRush are very fast as they already have data in there. But if you have it and want to run additional queries, it can be useful.

RankTracker takes a bit of time to run, but as long as you have Proxies you can get the data much quicker.


This programĀ is a great tool for any serious professional SEO, new or old. I’ve used a lot of tools, including Moz Pro recently, but I just can’t find anything that works as well. This program gives you everything you need to quickly create powerful, branded reports to send to your leads and clients.

What this tool does is run website audits for your client’s websites, complete with on and off-site settings to choose from. It also gives you additional tools for content analysis, domain strength and more. You can set it up to use Google Analytics as well.

You can learn more here.

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