Where Have I Been?

Over the past 4 years I’ve posted less and less to this blog, but for good reason…well, at least it seemed. Back in 2011 I started pushing away from Affiliate Marketing, as I once knew it, and decided to start building more long-term projects with a Business partner. One started out very nicely in mid-2012, but then imploded due to bad choices that I made. I regret the risks I took, but I can’t say that things would’ve been different had I decided to not try them. I’m just too curious…

So as I watched that project/site slowly die out, I got lazy and depressed. I ended up not working on my money-making websites and strayed far away from Affiliate Marketing,, relying more on AdSense than aff marketing. Terrible, terrible mistake. It led me into more laziness and depression. It sucked having to watch my websites tank and feeling like I’d just do more damage by trying to resurrect them. I felt like everything I touched had turned to shit, so I just stopped trying.

Over the past year I have been working on various projects, one being a WordPress theme/biz and the other being a niche website using AdSense…for now. I fully intend on utilizing affiliate offers on that website very soon.

Overall, I feel like I strayed away from writing about what I enjoy(ed) and have fallen into a trap doing things I thought would make more long-term money, but I did not enjoy. Well, not in the end, of course. I enjoyed the process of building the site, adding (some) content, etc. — but I got caught up into trying to do more with less, rather than focus on quality all the way around.

Over the next 3 months I intend to get back into affiliate marketing a bit more, using all of my sites to promote different offers, even testing things for the hell of it. Anything other than AdSense. Ugh. Frustrating and lazy. The sites I have been working on throughout the past 3 years are still alive and kicking, but they just need new life breathed into them, and the conversion rate and payout for AdSense is tuuurrrrible for most sites I’ve used it on.

This site has been updated. The old theme was ugly and tired. It was going on 6¬†years old lol Wow. I am leaving it as it is for now, because I really don’t have time to focus on the look of this site for at least a few months, but I also enjoy the simplicity of this ugly theme.

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