WealthyAffiliate.com: Pay Us to Promote Our Ethical Program!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but lately I’ve been wanting to re-build this blog and get new content up. So, let’s start with some new content…

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007 as I heard great things about the community. I was happy to join and it was a great place to be for the first few months. Lots of great people.

The community was so great that I decided to become an affiliate of their program. I met some great people there as well, people who I still talk to. I ended up sending a lot of people to that site and many of them stayed around for a while.

But one thing I always hated about Wealthy Affiliate was that it was full of irony. You had to PAY them $30 (now it’s even more) to get paid commissions that you worked for.

Now things have gotten worse. If you decide not to pay them a monthly fee, all of those recurring commissions, as well as CURRENT commissions, are theirs to keep. They only allow you the privilege to promote their product if you pay them to be a member of their community that’s run off other paying members.

Pretty good scam, right? Sounds very multi-levilish to me.

I always thought these guys were good, stand up guys that really cared about their product and wanted to help people. Now I’m seeing the truth… they’ve actually become worse than the big gurus that they’ve bashed over the years.

I won’t lie, I have always been a bit leery of these guys, as I noticed that my commissions went down dramatically over the course of a few months, right after they implemented their new “updated” affiliate program. Even though I sent more than a dozen new members, I was losing money. No biggie at the time, I was sure it was a temporary problem…however, it continued to go down each month.

A few years ago they stated that they were making their affiliate program “free” (oh, hooray!) so that anyone could promote them. I even asked Carson, who always seemed to be helpful, if he could switch my account so that I don’t have to pay them a portion of my affiliate commissions to get the money I earned for promoting their product.

He wrote back and said he’d do that, but then went MIA. From there Kyle would respond and was determined not to let my $47 a month get away. How helpful of him!

I wrote an email to Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate an email last week. My concern was that suddenly I wasn’t even getting commissions at all, although I know that I had recurring commissions for years.

His response was:

We have already explained to you how the program works Clint. You were
paid all commissions while you were a member, when you were a non
member you did not get these commissions because you were not a member
of WA.  That is how the program has always worked.  You will get any
commissions going forward that you earn while you are a member.

There is nothing elusive about what we are doing and we retain the
highest level of ethics in the industry Clint, if you were active
within the community it wouldn’t take you long to figure this out.  I
do appreciate all you have done and that you have promoted us in the
past and I am sorry the rules conflict with how you thought the
program has worked.



(Great grammar, I know)

“Highest level of ethics in the Industry”!

I’ve heard this before. Was it EWA? COPEAC? Hmmm, something sounds familiar about this term, regarding ethics in the affiliate marketing industry.

Anyways, I’m sure that most affiliate programs force you to pay a fee to promote their program, or in order to get paid.

Nope, wait, that’s Multi-Level Marketing. You know, the scheme-based type of “marketing” that has always given Affiliate Marketing a bad rap, although they’re supposed to be nothing alike?

Good for Wealthy Affiliate for sticking to their industry ethics that they claim to be superior in. I’m just glad I was given the PRIVILEGE of being able to pay money to promote a company that wanted more people like myself to pay for promoting their company…that’s built to teach people how to pay to promote their company. Ahhh, MLM-life.

Why am I writing this post? Because I’m sick and tired of seeing new affiliates getting ripped off. WealthyAffiliate preys on new affiliates, does their best to push their own affiliate program, and then takes them for a ride. That’s not affiliate marketing, that’s Multi-Level Marketing.

A LOT of their members are either broke or on the verge of being broke. They’re looking for a way to make an honest living, yet they’re getting screwed over by dishonest people.

This isn’t really a review of wealthy affiliate, it’s a warning to those who may come across their program. If you’re cool with paying money to guys who don’t appear to be actual affiliates and use their community to do their training for them, that’s cool. This is more of a rant about how fucked up this industry is and how even guys who were supposed to be all about helping new affiliates are preying on those same people for a few bucks.

“Highest level of ethics in the industry” seems to end with a twist. Affiliate Marketing is not MLM. But, I suppose WealthyMLM.com was already taken.

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