Things Will Get Better, I Promise

I’m not surprised to see the amount of people focused on Google and the Penguin update. It’s like this every year, it seems. People whining, bitching and moaning and using it all as an excuse to not get anything done, as usual. Why work when you can pretend to be while visiting forums full of (broke) experts?

If something is broke in your Business, you fix it. There’s no reason to sit on forums all day “studying” what others are saying. Most SEO “experts” are running services these days and not doing much more than selling something. If you’re going to listen to them and not try things yourself, you’re going to fall behind and eventually fall victim to your own clueless mishaps.

I don’t care if 98% of your traffic comes from Google. There’s always a way to fix it and you should be doing everything you can to keep that traffic coming back. No excuses.

As for Google, it’s screwy, it’s all kinds of ugly right now. That’s life. But it will get back to normal soon and you can’t do anything about their Business. I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers talking about the Penguin update and giving all kinds of cool images, graphics and theories, and most have a lot of Matt Cutts stuff in them.



Yet, not one of them has any real clue about what’s really going on, and not one of them is going to help you get your Business back on it’s feet.

Work on new traffic sources and come up with new plans on how to deal with these types of issues. It’s nobody’s fault but your own and reading a bunch of blogs about how [x] found cool data and theories on how to get your site back to normal is not going to help your Business.

SEO is a crazy Business these days. Moreso than it was in the past. No biggie, this is why you should be working on diversifying your portfolio and learning how to work with every traffic source you can, until you find that perfect source of traffic.

You should also be focusing on building lists on each property, too. If you’re not, you’re missing out BIG time.

Either way, stop focusing so much on things you cannot control and work on things you can.

Blogs talking about Penguin = not something that will help you.

You working on getting more traffic = something that will help you.

See the difference?

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