A few years back I used a service called JetSpinner which was OK, I guess. It was like any other average, free content spinner out there. But they had this service called JetSubmitter that was supposed to submit your articles to all of these article sites.

After I tried it out (signed up for a trial) they made sure that you were screwed and they were VERY sure to make contacting them nearly impossible, especially for refunds once you found out that their article sites were absolutely horrible and worthless. They were no different than hiring a spammer to find old, irrelevant blogs that had PR 0’s.

When the owner, Todd, tried to screw me out of money and then gave me an attitude about it, I wrote a JetSubmitter Review. Apparently he didn’t like it when he did a search for “JetSubmitter” and noticed my site with the title “JetSubmitter Sucks.”

Well, I can’t lie – I’m happy to say that I’m still appearing at the #2 spot after all of these years. I mean if the owner of the product was actually a customer friendly guy/girl, I’d feel a little guilty… but, since this clown still doesn’t understand what Customer Service really is, I’m going ahead and “re-warning” people about this company.

Let’s take a little quote I found in the comments today of the old review:

Just stumbled on this site again… It appears to be the only place people complain about Jetsubmitter.

It appears there are roughly 10-20 people on here who had issues with jetsubmitter and decided to complain publicly.

But I want to make it clear Jetspinner has over 40,000 users, these few users on here are in no way the majority opinion. Unfortunately it’s generally only people with a problem that feel the need to post on threads like this.

And yes I do expect to ’stay in business’ Jetsubmitter has been around for over 3 years, has over 40,000 users and practically runs itself. Hundreds of users pay monthly for access to premium features and love it.

I try to be respectful in replies to customers, but quite frankly, its not burger king. The customer is not always right. I’ve had to fire a couple of customers for not wanting to listen or do anything for themselves and instead choosing to complain and cause trouble. But, this allows me to spend more time helping customers that are focused on results.

If this isn’t the classic “Hey Fuck you, I’m rich Bitch!” type reply from your local grease-ball, I don’t know what is. What an arrogant prick to come onto my site and rather than try to fix the problem, he tries to back hand every person in the comments section, except himself (see “Ron”) when he tried using an alias.

(also, note that he says “10-20 people” and it’s “the only place people seem to complain.” Right. Nice try, Todd-ler.)

Here’s the reality: JetSpinner may have 40,000 users. Hell, everyone wants a free content spinner. But to try to pretend that you have “40,000 customers” is kind of like calling everyone who you hand out a flyer to “my customer.” No, it doesn’t work that way. You had HAD 40,000 users sign up over the years for your free, yet average, content spinner, Todd-ler. You didn’t build something customers wanted to PAY for. Right?


Now let’s continue.

Jet Submitter is absolutely worthless. Period. End of conversation.

If you pay for this service after reading this, I can’t help but to think you’ve licked a few windows in the back of the bus in your lifetime, much like Todd himself.

See, here’s what Todd did:

1. Setup a free service to attract Article Marketers. (bait)

2. Give a Free or Cheap Trial (whatever he’s doing these days). (trap set…this is where he tried screwing hundreds of people, obviously. He made it nearly impossible to cancel before the trial was up)

3. Rather than acting like a real Business, he simply hides behind a scheme to keep you from ever having any contact with him. (aka you’re screwed, bitches! This is where he tried SO HARD to hide any form of email address. I had to use my searching skills to find his email and he made sure to make a refund a serious hassle, and he did this with a lot of other people.)

The fact is – there’s more comments talking about how bad JetSubmitter is in that little blog post than you’ll find from even the Affiliates.

Sad. Truly.

There’s so many LEGIT companies out there that actually provide customer support, rather than talking to you as if you were a total piece of shit for even asking a question.

This guy reminds me of another guy I recently had issues with. Rather than providing his customers with support – the guy would talk down to you.

Hello Business. Hello Customers. Hello Money. Goodbye Suckers.

It must really suck to have customers pay you money and you actually have to offer support, right? Such a tough world.

JET SUBMITTER SUCKS. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from this company if you don’t want hassles and problems.

8 thoughts on “JetSubmitter

  1. Domonic

    Wow! I have to say, Clint knows his shit. I absolutly hate it when I step in shit and every one is aware of who shitting. Like no ones watching. Thanks for the heads up on Jetsubmitter.

  2. Amy Dow

    Thanks, it’s refreshing to see real reviews instead of all the usual pseudo babble on most other blogs. Yes, you are right, Jet Submitter sucks….big time!

  3. Dave

    Hi Clint,

    Thanks for the heads up on jet submitter, I took the free bait and am glad I didn’t sign up for the free trial before doing a little homework.

    Are there any article submitting tools/sites that you recommend?

  4. Axel Sage

    You may have just saved me a headache my friend. What article software do you recommend? Are there any free trial spinners, submitters, and wizards that are on par with Jon Leger products?

  5. Nick Green

    I don’t believe this!

    I have just signed up for it as wanted more articles and now I have done some research to get a little help on it and found this!

    I am on the 30 day trial then $47 p/mth after that. I am going to try and cancel now.

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