Newbie Rape

The term “Newbie Rape” should be an industry standard. There’s so many people out there that have found out that it’s much easier to rape newbies than to actually provide good products, services and information to their industry.

Guru’s selling hopes and dreams (Filsaime, Kern, etc), Bloggers pretending to be Authorities (Amit, Zac Johnson, etc) and so on. There’s far too many people out there simply taking advantage of people who are struggling to make money online, or even people who are struggling, PERIOD.

Think about the reality of this for a second. How many people spend every penny they have on shit products recommended by, well, shitty individuals?

The fact is – everyone wants to be rich, but some people are so desperate to get there, that they’re willing to take the risk and spend those last few dollars on a product, service or information that was promoted as the second coming of God.

I really don’t care who truly believes these people aren’t fucking people in the ass, because they are. Plain and simple. There’s no Guru out there that isn’t taking advantage of their list, to the fullest extent – without a care in the world. There’s far too many Affiliate Bloggers (or “industry bloggers” from any industry) that are full of crap, and willing to make a few quick bucks before they’re through.

The bottom line is – I’ve always been disgusted by it. It’s downright dirty, slimy and then some. I wonder how many people fell for the complete bullshit by some of these people, only to be living on the streets down the road, all because they were sworn to by that person they bought from/through – and then UPSOLD on more BS? How many kids suffered? Family pets, friends, etc. it’s never “a person” who suffers from being screwed over… it’s more than 1.

People are so afraid to talk about this stuff because they believe they’ll “burn bridges.” Really? Dude, if you’re willing to walk over snake filled bridges for a few bucks, then you belong on that bridge where the others are.

There’s a lot of great blogs out there that aren’t trying to rape newbies… there’s a lot of great individuals out there that deserve a little attention – as they’re not trying to rape newbies. If you see any blogs sporting tons of products that are really similar, yet they have bad reps, then you’re probably going to need to carry some Vaseline if you want to continue reading that blog.

If that blogger speaks about how much money he makes, in a bragadocious way, then you may want to take another quick right and get the hell out of there. Anyone who brags about how much money is – is most likely a snake in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s those who are PROUD of what they’ve been able to accomplish, then there’s those who brag. How do you spot the difference? If they’re bragging about purchasing a house or car – it’s most likely pride. If they’re talking about how they constantly make 5-6(or more) figures a month – run. Run Forest, run.

Here’s a list of Blogs that are NOT filled with hopes and dreams, and seem to be ran by good people. If you’re not on this list, and you’re popular – it’s because you’re a shady ass person, period. If you think you can kiss my ass and get a link here, then again. Buddy-Buddy stuff doesn’t work here. I actually care about how people perceive me when it comes to ethics and trust.– Chad’s a great guy, and he speaks from experience. The guy’s making a name for himself each and every year, without even trying. – Ruck’s always been a good dude, and I’ve learned a lot from the guy. His blog is filled with excellent stuff. – Barman is hilarious, but he’s also got some good information on the blog. – I personally don’t know Linda, but I do know she’s been consistently putting up great content for years. Great blog, lots of info! – She’s got a ton of IM Skills. SEO Expert and knows about continuity when it comes to real Affiliate Marketing. Pay attention. – I don’t think Jeremy Palmer has a blog, so add him on Twitter. Smart dude, horrible football fan though (ie, he’s an Urban Meyer fan) jk 😉 – Kris took over this blog when Ruck went on to other things. He pretty much runs the show, although Andrew Payne has made posts there too. Both are smart dudes. – Brandon’s the Case Study champ.  I don’t know any other marketer that shares as much inside info as he does, to be honest. (PS 2 ads on his entire site!) – Any work at home mom’s should be paying attention to this one. Jen’s a cool chick, and has been learning a ton over the past 10 months or so. Hard worker! – I may be biased, as he’s my partner on Affiliit, but Chris knows his stuff, and obviously he doesn’t rape newbies, or I wouldn’t work with the guy. – Ian is a hard working dude, and after working with him on a Webinar (with Chris), I was impressed by how he wanted his readers to get as much info as possible. So, we made sure they did. Good info on his blog. – Get all the industry news here. – I never gave Bryn a chance until recently – and he seems like a very professional dude. Lots of good content on his site. – Wes has always had tons of great tutorials for things like T202, etc. if you’re not reading his blog, then it’s probably only because he hasn’t updated it lately 😉 – Eli has some great information on his site. Definitely check it out… – Rob’s got some interesting posts, and he’s definitely a hard working dude. – Andrew’s probably the most active Networking individual I’ve ever seen. He has lots of good content, too. – this blog has plenty of good content… read through as much as you can, when you’re not working. – Justin’s been around for a while, but his blog is kinda up and coming, I guess you could say. Some good content on there. – One of the coolest WP Themes you’ll see, but there’s plenty of good posts within!

(More coming soon… I know I forgot several people here.)

20 thoughts on “Newbie Rape

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  2. Jennifer

    What a great idea! Several months ago, I was looking for a list like this. Thanks for the great info & thanks for the kind words about my blog too! This should help lots of newbies steer clear of the B.S.

  3. Clint Lenard Post author

    Yeah, there’s lots of great blogs out there, unfortunately – there’s too many “popular guys” that aren’t worth the time or effort.

  4. Chris Barclay

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I agree – it is sick how some people take advantage of newbies, I’m not going to name names but we all know who they are 🙂

  5. a real noob

    Just stumbled across this via google > “barman marketing blog”. Wow, glad I did. This is an extremely valuable post to some one like myself who is just starting out and clueless as to which way to go.
    Much thanks to you Clint for putting this up.

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