PPC Coach Has Class?

I just found out about an Adwords Ad for PPC Coach, and I’m hoping he’s just comparing PPC Coach to AftCoach (hilarious!), MediaBuysCoach (learn about running Image ads on Adwords!!!) or WhatElseCanILearnOvernightAndTeach-Coach.com (what can you teach me that I can run with?)…

PPC Coach
More Training, More Tools, More
Experience, More Class. Join Now.

Hmmmmm. Really? More Class? More Tools? More Experience? More Training? WTF?

I’d love to know who this guy is comparing his site to, because not one of those things sound true (except for “join now” – because he DOES want your money, so I’ll give him that), even when you compare him to half of the new, thrown-together type sites out there.

We all know this guy makes most (wouldn’t be surprised if it was all) his money from his Training sites, and he usually takes his training site idea from another guy (Gauher, Affiliit, etc).

The only Tools I’ve found that he has are built by himself, because he’s too cheap to hire a real programmer… so, if you love bugs and no support – he’s got plenty of that. Not to mention that after he builds the tool, he then makes claims that [enter person’s name] stole his script (think Wes, Ruck, etc).

Training? WTF? There’s no training on that site. None…

If you’re new to PPC Coach, you’ll just have to count on reading through all of the unorganized forum posts throughout his site – and hope you can make it through it all in the first few months. If this is Training, then I guess I’m lost in space – because that’s just reading a lot, through random posts (inner thought: can’t I just do this at WF or DP?).

…of course, there are a few 2 year old videos that take 30+ minutes to snooze through…about Polls. Google Slapped much?

Experience lol I just can’t get over that. This is the guy telling his customers how to do shit that he absolutely has NO clue about (MediaBuys, SEO, etc), and he wants to pretend that he’s more experienced than others.

Class? Really? Whoa says the guy who saw how much class the owner has when he read my ppc coach review.

I thought the ad was irony, seeing as though the guy acted as if things were cool – and he had no problems, but then went out of his way to bid on our URL and variations of it, with BS like “2 moderators own Affiliit.com” – as if we were still part of his site, or that he TAUGHT us anything.

Honest to god, the only things I learned from PPC Coach is that the owner is shady as hell, has the tendency to lie a lot and then threaten with legal action when people call him out for it.

On top of that, he stopped running his mouth after he figured out he and his partner could learn as much about Article Marketing on our site, and then turn around and CHARGE PEOPLE for their 3 days of learning about something they’re clueless about (I visited the site, and it was sad…just sad).

SEO? Really Scaremiah? You know as much about SEO as I know about how many pounds you lose after running up a flight of stairs at the Unemployment office, dude.

I can’t say that I’m shocked to see these types of ads, full of irony, each and every day… I guess I just gave him a bit more credit than he deserved, and figured things would just eventually die.

Lying about having class on an ad using  a competitor’s Trademark? Now that’s class!

12 thoughts on “PPC Coach Has Class?

  1. Affiliate marketing

    yeah,there are a few 2 year old videos that take 30+ minutes to snooze through…about Polls.

  2. ppc.bz

    “SEO? Really Scaremiah? You know as much about SEO as I know about how many pounds you lose after running up a flight of stairs at the Unemployment office, dude.”


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  5. BBoy

    You pretty much described my experience on PPC-Coach in a nutshell. I was a noob bewildered as hell, thinking there must be something wrong with me because I can’t make sense of all the random disorganized info there. Some of the moderators such as yourself posted some awesome threads to offer value where there was little else, and those were great. But the actual stuff Will posted? Where the fuck was it, aside from all over the place?

    The guy doesn’t know shit. I took a Wotogepa webinar about how to market CPA offers using forums. The entire 1 hour lesson taught just one thing: put a link in your signature. That’s it. He somehow extended that for an hour. Unless his monotone voice just put me to sleep and I actually missed most of the webinar!!!

  6. PPC Noob

    If you think PPC-Coach is bad you should see Aftcoach. The “fearless leader” of that site is so concerned about coaching his members that he hasn’t logged into the site in over 12 days!!!

    That damn place is pathetic.

  7. Clint Lenard Post author

    Oddly enough, I never really thought they’d ever have a chance with it. I mean the partner he picked was known as a total bullshitter, and the name of it was not a good name…

    On top of that, Will is a PPC guy, not an overall Affiliate, from what I’ve seen.

    I could have been angry that they signed up to our site and tried stealing my content, but I just laughed. It really was quite sad… and it’s exactly why I don’t understand the “class” part of that ad.

  8. Clint Lenard Post author

    I heard that it was long and boring, and no different than anything you’d learn from a $1 PLR book.

    Oh well, what can we do… except review it and be honest. 😉

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  10. d3so

    Yup, it’s been a few months already and I still haven’t been paid by wotogepa they claim the advertisers are holding earnings what BS!

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