Crash And Burn

Long story short: I had this site setup on a Reseller hosting package I purchased a long, long time ago through a company called HighFluxHosting, which is now called Tremato, and I was stupid enough to let myself get lazy…

I kept the site on their server, although I had issues with them many, many times. I just never took this blog that serious, I guess. I use it to blog and post my thoughts, but nothing more… if it went down, it would be back up, right? Eh, laziness. Stupid me.

That company is definitely shady as hell, and they deleted my Domain because I “unsuspended” my account, since it shouldn’t have been suspended in the first place.

If you’re using that company, move far, far away. Don’t be lazy… there’s tons of others out there that actually DO want your business. “Tremato” aka “HighFluxHosting” are a bunch of shady assholes. Stay away.

Not only did they ignore my emails, they also made sure they didn’t let me grab any new backups, which I couldn’t seem to find on my PC. Yeah, it’s my responsibility to back up my site, but I figured they’d have SOME class, rather than be the assholes they are.

Oh well, I get even. 🙂

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