Twitter: Moving On Up In Search

I’ve talked about Twitter Search quite a bit, and even using Twitter Search for Trends. But, it seems that Twitter is doing just what I had hoped… they’re going into competition with the big boys, which makes things that much more interesting.

Twitter purchased Summize a while back and now it seems that the purchase could land them into MAJOR Search Territotry quicker than they could have ever imagined.

According to WebProNews, Twitter will now start following links inside of tweets.

This is awesome. This gives Twitter that much more interest in Social Media (as if it needed any more), as well as a serious look at it’s new Search Engine. Users can now stop focusing on the Nofollow links (Google) and focus on utilizing Twitter as a true Social Platform, with a powerful Search Engine behind it.

Given the fact that Twitter will now be adding in a Reputation Ranking System, this will add more credibility to their Search Engine, in my opinion.

Currently, most users simply use it to see “who’s talking about what.” But there’s so much more to it than that. Twitter has a lot of power behind it when it comes to User Generated Content, which mostly focuses on current trends. This territory that Google can’t get into right now, which is why purchasing Twitter could have been a MAJOR pickup for Google, but the deal never went through.

For Affiliate Marketers, you can easily do a search on Twitter Search and find out just about anything you need to by following outbound links (users will use, tinyurl, etc.) that are focused on the subject you’re interested in.

There’s also a lot of useful Search Operators within Twitter Search. Say, for instance, you wanted to see if Nicky Cakes was talking about PPC.

You’d simply type in: PPC from:nickycakes

What if you wanted to see if someone else was talking to “SOB” about Affiliate Marketing?

You’d type in: Affiliate Marketing to:thinklikeansob

If you want to find anyone who has mentioned Jeremy Palmer, you’d put in:


Simple enough!

Now, if you wanted to find links that directly correlated to a Search for…say, PPC, you’d type in:

ppc filter:links

This will bring up ONLY tweets with the term PPC, with links in the tweet.

Want to find Tweets about a subject that are questions?

Type in:  PPC ?

or: Affiliate Marketing ?

Want to find someone Tweeting about Foreclosures within 100 miles of Tuscon, Arizona?

Simple! Type in:

“foreclosure” near:”tuscon” within:100mi

How about finding Trends from a specific date, to now?

Easy stuff… type in:

ad:tech since:2009-04-01


swineflu since:2009-01-01

These are just a few of the amazing Search Operators that can help out anyone who wants to do some Research on Twitter Search.

If you have any questions, please ask!

One thought on “Twitter: Moving On Up In Search

  1. svox

    Great tip. I did not know the geosearch ability. Earlier I used twittfall replying online to people who mentioned particualr keywords and seems they mostly followed the link. Though I know no tool to autoreply or simply measuring the lead CTR.

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