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OK, this is a little bit of a rant about a few “Super Affiliate” Bloggers…

Where do I start?

I can’t stand seeing all of these “Super Affiliate” Blogs all over the net, that only talk about how great they are, but have very little REAL content.

Most of these guys are nothing more than Rich kids who were handed a ton of money to play with and got lucky enough for another handout.

What’s sad is, I can seriously see one of these kids (most of them are) being kidnapped by someone who believes all of their stories they post up on their blogs. They all tend to brag and boast, and even show their earnings on their blogs – not even thinking about what COULD happen offline.

Making 6 figures a month after spending 6 figures a month is not all that impressive. Seriously, it’s not. I know they never mention how much they spend, but it’s something to keep in mind, as it’s the truth ;-)

I’ve ran into a few of these clowns online and saw how “elite” their PPC skills were. Wow. Not impressed at all!

Why does this bug me? Because there’s a lot of people who have suffered Financially because of these types of blogs that were simply trying to pawn off a product or program they have never even used…

Several of these dudes promote ppc coach, and none of them are members of the program. They’re simply promoting anything they can (and a lot of it is crap) under their “brand” (using their REAL names, of course) and it will eventually backfire…big time.

Some of these guys are the types that talk crap on “Gurus” – not even realizing that they’re just as bad. Promoting friends’ junk, and very little useful information, all for a quick buck and a favor.

Fact: No Millionaire Affiliates call themselves “Super Affiliates.”

Fact: All self proclaimed “Super Affiliates” mention that they’re “super affiliates” on their blog, or as tagline somewhere. Nobody else that knows shit about this industry actually calls them “Super Affiliates.”

Here’s something to think about:

If a Blogger is talking about how much money he/she’s making per month, or per day, on a consistent basis – he/she is simply trying to sell you something. End of story.

Here’s some awesome blogs to check out if you’re looking for REAL Affiliate Marketing Content:

CDF Networks – Chad Frederiksen’s blog. This is definitely my favorite blog. There’s always something new and interesting, it seems like. He’s been really consistent in providing great content.
CashTactics – I won’t lie… when Ruck gave this site away, I thought “great, there goes the blog…” — but I was wrong. Kris and Andrew have been killing it with some great content over the past year!
AdHustler – Brandon always has tons of case studies. This dude is really consistent, and a lot of good stuff can be found on his blog.
Masterless Samurai – Wes rarely posts these days, but everywhere he goes – there he is… the dude provides some of the best content I’ve yet to see on any blog. Some more advanced topics, for sure!
Slightly Shady SEO – Although it’s more SEO related, this kid is always posting up great information. No way I could leave him out of the list.

There’s others… but these are on the top of my list of REAL Affiliate Marketing blogs. Always great info, and always on point.

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