Why Use Poll Factory?

With a few other Poll products out there, I’ve had to answer this question quite a bit…and I could easily turn this post into a 1,000 word blog post and make your eyes bleed to get the answer, but I won’t.

Plain and Simple fact: Poll Factory doesn’t need to be installed on each domain you run the poll on.

Why is this good?

Well, what happens if you have another Poll product that you’ve worked hard on, and you’ve got it running perfect… and then one day Google slaps you?

Looks like you’ll have to switch domains.

Sound like fun to you? If it does, keep using the other products.

Poll Factory works like this:

1. Install it on ANY domain …
2. Create a poll and it will give you output code that you simply copy and paste into a file…
3. Upload that file to ANY DOMAIN YOU WANT … ANY domain. It doesn’t have to have Poll Factory on it!
4. If your Domain gets slapped, you don’t have to go through the entire setup process again… you simply take those files and put them on the new domain. No re-installation of the product!

Also, I do feel that Poll Factory is way above the others in quality — and I also feel that it’s much better for QS and SEO, too.

Everything about this product is so simple to use and learn, and make money with. While it may cost a little more, it’s WAY better than the competition. Hands down.

And yes, I do own the others. They’re cool for what they do, but they’re not nearly as functional as Poll Factory.

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