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Affiliate Theme

You’re probably seeing this everywhere today. It’s called AffiliateTheme by UBD.

AffiliateTheme will be used on a lot of new sites over the next few months. So, does that mean it will become saturated?

Honestly, I had mixed feelings in the beginning. But, now that I see how it really works, I’m seeing that anyone with half a brain can make this theme super customized without hacking through any code…so it’s nearly impossible for it to become too saturated, IMO. At least not for a while…

There’s so many options available for this bad boy, and you can easily build out quick landing pages or mini sites without knowing HTML, which is awesome for anybody…even newbies. ESPECIALLY newbies, to be honest. At first I thought “this is way too expensive for newbies.” And, it is very expensive – but since you have to have Landing Pages and Mini-sites, I think it would be a GREAT investment for any Affiliate Marketer.
Definitely check it out and see the examples and the video!


After playing with this thing for over 24 hours, I actually like it a lot. This thing is like XSitePro on steroids, IMO. It’s using WordPress as a backbone, since it’s just a theme, which makes it far better than most products out there.

All SE’s love WordPress, and there’s a reason why. The system is based on Blogging, and it’s well known that it’s very professionally coded and has been designed especially with search engines in mind.

A lot of people think this system takes a lot of time to learn. Not true. Actually, you can learn this system in a matter of 2 hours, tops. They supply you with Videos, Tutorials and even a Support forum.

What makes this theme even more special is that it’s easily customizable…as in you can quickly create your own Banners and Backgrounds based on this theme, within a few minutes. If you’ve got basic Photoshop skills, it’s not a problem at all.


Are you good with CSS? If so, this theme lets you bring in your own CSS with a few clicks.

Know your way around WordPress? That makes it even better… you can obviously, EASILY customize this theme with ease, through the code itself.

BUT, if you don’t know ANY of the above, that’s what makes this theme awesome. It’s made for people of all levels, and it makes it really easy for those who don’t know HTML, or have never built their own website.

I prefer the Super version, as it comes with a ton of extra banners and stuff. It can also give you more ideas for future Layouts/Banner versions for other projects. While it is a bit expensive, it’s FAR, FAR cheaper than hiring an LP designer, or buying Dreamweaver and trying to learn it. 😉

If you’re a newbie – I highly suggest this theme. ESPECIALLY those of you who don’t know much about HTML, or don’t have the time or patience to learn it.


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Theme For WordPress

  1. Clint Lenard Post author

    I’ve been testing it out for over 24 hours now 🙂

    I actually jumped on it right after I posted in that thread about it… I started digging deeper and liked what I saw.

    I’m currently updating a ton of my old sites, just to test out how they do against other pages.

    Basically, I just want to do simple split tests to see how it compares against my hand made review sites 🙂

  2. Alex at

    That looks like a great way to save time.

    It usually would take me 5-7 hours to create a custom WP theme for a niche from scratch. The hardest part of which would be the idea and the design (coding is easy, lol).

    BUT, I have a couple of those, and it takes me about an hour to adapt the header, colors, graphics of an existing theme for a new niche, if I don’t want a total overhaul…

    So I guess it’s great for newbies, non-coders, as you said, and yea, if anyone has the $150 laying around.. but I have better things to spend those on, currently.

    Cheers………….. 😀

  3. Clint Lenard Post author

    I honestly think it’s great for anybody. I guess it depends on how much time you’re willing to spend, or need to spend on the LP or site.

    I actually think it’s REALLY easy to setup and finish in a short amount of time, compared to all of the other programs out there… and especially much faster than trying it from scratch! 🙂

    Yes, the price is definitely quite high. But, it’s cheaper than XSitePro and Dreamweaver, and much better for SEO compared to XSitePro.

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