Twitter For Research?

Maybe this topic is a little young… maybe not. I haven’t heard anybody really talk about it, and I haven’t read anything, either…so, let’s dig in!

I’ve always told people to keep an eye on Twitter Search, as I seriously think it will become a major factor in search for the future. Not to mention news.

But what’s better than TWITTER TRENDS!?

Think about it. Every NEWS STATION is now on Twitter. Everyone is slowly but surely finding their way there… the latest news and trends are on Twitter quicker than anyone can imagine. If someone gets shot on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, Twitter will have it covered quicker than news, thanks to Twitteriffic and Twitterberry.

The data is going to pile up quickly, too. Hash or not, the news will be there. Are you going to wait around for Google or Yahoo Buzz to give you an update, when you could have it nearly hours before?

Right now, when you go to your Twitter home page, you’ll notice there’s a new Trends drop down menu, along with a Search Box. This has been released within the last few days, and it’s going to be an awesome tool for any Affiliate.

How can you use this? Like any other tool, obviously!

Click on this link and you’ll end up directly on the Twitter Searchbox.

When you arrive at this page, you can see the top 10 trends on Twitter, happening RIGHT NOW. Not in the last few hours… this data is NOW. LIVE.

You can do a search for any topic you like. You can use the # symbol followed by the keyword (ie, #acai), or you can simply enter in the Keyword (ie, acai)…or both!

When I last did a quick search, the trends showed #pcn09 as the number 1 rising trend…2 minutes later, the term “cleveland” showed up. Apparently, there’s a 15 year old girl missing in Cleveland. Amazing? Yes.

Google cannot do this for you, but Twitter can. People are using Twitter, and Twitter is producing it’s results for all to see. Use it and you will find a lot of up and coming trends.

Follow this up with your normal research, and you could have a killer campaign on your hands!

2 thoughts on “Twitter For Research?

  1. Evan

    I really like the Twitter search. I had been using it from the footer link but now that its more prominent I tend to use it more and I like it a lot for finding new friends.

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