What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

As most of my readers know, I’ve been gone for quite a while… I’ve even received plenty of emails asking me if I was OK. While I appreciate the emails — if something DID happen, someone would update the blog for me =)

So… what have I been doing?

Working a little less, that’s for sure. I took some time off of work as I was starting to get a little bit burned out. I didn’t exactly “quit” during that time – I just “re-focused” a little bit. I spent some time getting back into writing articles, which is why I wrote less blog posts… 😉

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my oldest nephew. His father (my ex-brother in law, Rob) passed away in June and while he hasn’t expressed much emotion – I know he’s hurting and needs people to be there. I’ve always been really close with him – so I make sure he’s OK.

I’ve been working out like crazy… I’ve been involved in Martial Arts since I was 12. I’ve taken everything from Boxing to Kuk Sool Won. So, after not even TRYING to work out (train) in certain “arts”, I’ve decided that plain old workouts were getting extremely boring and I missed Martial Arts in general. So, I’ve been training in Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Sambo. Now I never get bored! I love it… I feel like I’m getting in better shape now than ever in my life.

As a matter of fact – I spent a few grand on new equipment, supplements, etc. just to make sure I kept focused. Now, I’ve been teaching my nephews what I know since it keeps me even MORE focused.

Birthdays… everyone’s birthdays seem to be around this time. My oldest sister’s was on June 28th, mine was on July 1st and my “second oldest” nephew’s birthday was on July 15th, although we celebrated his birthday this past Saturday.

So, with all of these birthdays and holidays – working out doesn’t seem to be as effective lol. I’ve been eating like crap over the past 3 weeks, so now I need to get back on track. I actually use Precision Nutrition by Dr. John Berardi to plan my meals. I usually eat REALLY healthy. If you’re interested in losing fat (“weight”), gaining lean mass or just getting to a healthier state – I highly suggest Precision Nutrition. It gives you FAR more knowledge than any other system – and it’s written by a guy who’s proven himself with many professional sports organizations, as well as “normal” people.

As far as work goes – it’s been going OK, for the most part. The next few days will become pretty crazy as I need to push forward and get a ton of things finished before the month ends. I want my September payouts to be the best ever… 🙂

I’ll be continuing to update my blog with new stuff!

One thought on “What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

  1. impNERD

    There are three times in the year for birthdays that get pretty crowded for me. Late January/February, May, and August/September.

    It is pretty weird how that worked out.

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