Has Launched. Will This REALLY Be The Google Crusher?, the site that Jimmy Wales (1 of the founders of created as Google’s “soon-to-be” competition has officially launched, in Alpha phase.

There were a lot of big promises, around a year ago, related to this new Search Engine. But how long will it be – before we see promising results?

Michael Arrington has blogged about his opinion, basically labeling it as a big disappointment. Dan Thies, on the other hand, has his own opinion(s).

I’m not sure what some people expected this project to be while it’s still in Alpha. So far, I’m seeing a bright future for this project. It just has that “promising vibe” to it. It feels like it’s just meant to be… the whole Social Networking/Web 2.0/Future Major Search platform combination will be a big thing in the near future. I have faith in this project.

I mean, seriously, who can really put down an Alpha phase project that was created by the guy who founded Wikipedia? I, for one, think that this project is going to become HUGE in the next year or so, similar to the success of Wikipedia – just in a quicker fashion, of course.

The Marketing was done with the pre-launch when the big promises were made. Sure, there’s lots of that going around these days, but this is by someone who has already done it before, and now has the financial backing to assist with the success.

Matt Cutts even gave a warm welcome as well.

Only time will tell, but I believe this could be a huge Search Engine in the future.

Good luck to the whole Wikia team!

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