Jet Spinner, Jet Submitter Sucks

—————- UPDATE 5/20/13 ——————————–

Everyone, the product I use these days is called WordAI. It’s a GREAT service and definitely worth checking out!

—————- UPDATE 4/15/09 ——————————–

Guys, I’ve found great alternatives for Jet Submitter. 




I tried Jet Spinner, which also gives you the ability to use Jet Submitter, too, and it was a horrible experience.

I signed up for the trial and I spent about an hour and a half trying to figure out the system… I have never tried spinning articles before so I figured I would see how the results panned out.

I was having all kinds of problems with the systems and decided to contact Support… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… where is the support button? Help Button? Anything?!?


I had to look through emails… nothing… a search on google… nothing…

Finally, I decided to go to PayPal and find the email the payment was sent.

4 days later I was given the worst reply to a question I have ever received from any support system ever…

The answer was 4 lines long and had nothing good about it at all. No help at all.

I decided to cancel my account before I was charged (actually did this before the email was sent as I figured that if it were that hard to get support – there was no way I wanted to deal with it!), but somehow I WAS ALREADY charged… No biggie, I would as for my refund.

Ha… I got no answer, once again. I created a paypal dispute and, still, no answer… no reply…

Finally, after 3 days, I decided to escalate the dispute so PayPal could deal with it.

Hmmmmm… little did I know – PayPal automatically CLOSES these disputes in the SELLERS favor, if it’s a service…


So, basically, I lost around $30 and about 5-6 hours of my time dealing with this “company”.

Jet Spinner sucks, period. Jet Submitter is full of problems and submits to a bunch of useless directories, which all look the same if you visit them! I find it VERY odd, to say the least.

I find Jet Submitter to be a worthless product and the guy who created it could care less about taking your money and running.

DO NOT waste your money on Jet Submitter. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on Jet Spinner! It Sucks!

72 thoughts on “Jet Spinner, Jet Submitter Sucks

  1. Clint Lenard Post author

    Great, go get your own site to promote on, but you won’t use mine.

    I’m a professional SEO, and I can call that product SHIT for many reasons. It’s useless, and a waste of money, period.

  2. Jonathan

    Thanks guys, was just about to buy. Was wondering if they submitted to Ezine and low and behold, terrible reviews. Thanks for helping me save a dollar!

  3. Sajit

    Good God! Nice that I read this review! Saved me my money! I was gonna take a shot at Jetsubmitter – but decided never to go for their service after reading this review!! Thanks for being honest! Honesty is something you hardly get to see on the internet! Appreciate it!

    Just would like to mention that I am presently using My Article Network (MAN). MAN works well – the only issue is that your articles are “drip fed” (around 1-2 articles per day) into their network of 10000 blogs. So you need to have multiple articles submitted together to reap any worhtwhile benefit (I’d say over 20-30 articles at a time). If you do sumbit many articles in one go, then you DO get good benefit.

    Yes even I have read a lot of good review about UAW and I guess its time for me to try it! Thanks Clint!

  4. Todd

    Article Content Spinner is NOT my product. There appears to be a up-spring of clone products trying to pass off as Jetspinner/Jetsubmitter.

    Again, anyone who requests a refund through the proper channel (our support link -> is given a FULL refund if needed. I

    ‘m sorry if some users had trouble getting support, I have 2 people that run support across all my products and sometimes they can get over loaded.

  5. Todd

    Just stumbled on this site again… It appears to be the only place people complain about Jetsubmitter.

    It appears there are roughly 10-20 people on here who had issues with jetsubmitter and decided to complain publicly.

    But I want to make it clear Jetspinner has over 40,000 users, these few users on here are in no way the majority opinion. Unfortunately it’s generally only people with a problem that feel the need to post on threads like this.

    And yes I do expect to ‘stay in business’ Jetsubmitter has been around for over 3 years, has over 40,000 users and practically runs itself. Hundreds of users pay monthly for access to premium features and love it.

    I try to be respectful in replies to customers, but quite frankly, its not burger king. The customer is not always right. I’ve had to fire a couple of customers for not wanting to listen or do anything for themselves and instead choosing to complain and cause trouble. But, this allows me to spend more time helping customers that are focused on results.

    Btw, I have no idea who Ron is, if he happens to be from the same state as me, sorry???

  6. Todd

    I’m sorry I was not interested in promoting your product to my list or building software for you. Also I’m sure my support staff simply considered you a spammer for emailing the same thing everyday.

    I appreciate your extremely respectful and impressive reply though!

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  8. Mossman

    I just tried Jet Submitter, and I can’t say I’m very impressed either… Jet Spinner spun the article 18 times, and submitted to 20 directories. Each and every one of the submissions FAILED.

    Not only did they submit to directories I’d never even heard of, but some of them weren’t even targeted to my keywords! The article I submitted was about building squeeze pages, and they submitted to golfing and pet enthusiast sites. (WTF??) Do they just submit to any random directory??

    If a submission service doesn’t submit to the top ranking directories, that means they CAN’T submit to them. (i.e. they have a reputation for submitting JUNK, and sites like Ezine Articles stopped accepting their crap long before you came along…)

    I don’t think I’ll be subscribing.

  9. Cindy Brock

    Like everyone else has said, glad I found this review first. With so many things that do not work found online, you have to be cautious before you buy anything.

  10. Hector

    Im glad i saw this so i can cancel before i get charged. I got to this site by trying to learn how to use the spinner, its super confusing and not user friendly. You log in to the spinner and it sends you to the submitter, maybe im just stupid but i couldn’t even figure out how to spin the article. i give this system 1 out of 10 for usability.

  11. Chris

    Can’t say I trust your word (aflinks to a competitor) but I gotta say that Todd kinda pissed me off recently. I got on his email list for the free trial of one of his products (don’t remember which because I never ended up using it. I think it was the spinner though) and he started sending me all kinds out junk emails for crap I didn’t care about.. not even interesting products, literally shit stuff you can learn on forums for free he was trying to pitch and SELL ME FOR MONEY!

    I see that as disrespect so I unsubscribed, no value = no sub. Regardless of this article and all the bad comments I lost respect for JetSpin/Sub as a company and think they are some major douchebags.

    I’m going to check out your links and do some research for myself… thanks for the link man.

  12. Bogdan

    Dear Clint.

    I cannot escape noticing that you are supporting JetSpinner’s competition :))
    And you don’t just get #1 in google for your competiotion’s name/product, you work for it.
    I don’t know if all those other comments are made up by you, but anyway, this si strong stuff 😀


  13. Clint Lenard Post author

    Of course I put up affiliate links, that’s how I make money in my Business. But the review was up long before I put up that link. This review is old and I edited it about 16 months later.

  14. fx signals

    I like the idea behind the service and really want to use it beyond the 20 person limit but I also have tech problems with it. And I followed the videos. When using the auto confirm feature, I get no success. Then I tried manually confirming. That was better but still had many issues. Wish this worked because it would be nice to submit my spinned articles automatically.


  15. Ron

    UAW is very good, but if your just starting out or strapped for cash, “The Best Spinner” is very
    good also with a good price tag.

    Try it out for 7 days for $7, then $40 at the end of the trial. Then its $47 a year. Not a bad
    deal, plus they have pretty good customer service.

    The only thing is you have to manually submit your articles , unless you purchase article submission software. Still, overall a pretty good deal… you can check it out at, hope this helps someone.


  16. Steve@FreeDog-Training

    Is anyone still using jetsubmitter? I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’d like to know if it’s still effective or not? I’m not sure if I should actually purchase the whole package… Thoughts, anyone?


  17. Stefan

    Just in the process of cancelling my Jetsubmitter subscription.

    Had big problems with quantity of submissions and the training videos don’t help much at all. The set-up is counter intuitive in places – you’ve got account profiles, account projects, projects and your spun articles to deal with. It’s unclear as to the purpose of some of these.

    One of my spun articles showed ‘complete or paused’ after 70 odd submissions, and it only successfully created 140 odd accounts with the article directories. Support told me to submit again with a new account project but same account profile, although later told you have to change some of the details in the profile. Not that this will solve the low number of accounts that are active with the directories. Anyway, a day or two in to second attempt stats showed less total submissions than before! I could go on but it’s too confusing to explain.

    The support is slow and doesn’t answer your questions fully. I find it infuriating when a several day old ticket is replied to with a very brief response that doesn’t deal with the issues raised.

    There is a support forum attached to the ticket system but it feels like a ghost town for lost souls. The occasional thread created by users struggling to understand the system, some months old, many unanswered.

    Terrible experience. Trying UAW now.

  18. Beatris

    I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A few of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any tips to help fix this problem?

  19. hans

    I test-ran jetsubmitter trial today and ran into multiple problems
    – google blocked access to mail accounted created for jetsubmitter purpose within minutes
    – instead of 20 article directory accounts in the free trial version only 2 apparently have been created
    – after submitting one article zero submissions were done and the project labeled competed or halted

    on the support page I found that with1 or 2 exceptions all posts were from 2010 and nothing really new from 2013 which leads to the assumption that payments may be accepted but the product / services actually dead or outdated.

    2 support questions have been mailed today, unless a miracle happens and all a.m resolved I surely have NO intention to upgrade to paid version.

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