Football… Crooked Referrees and BCS are the death of big games

OK, So I was going to try to NOT speak about Football on my blog but…

A) Oklahoma won the big game… but what’s bigger?

B) Did anyone see the dirtiest Officiating ever, in that Pitt vs. West Virginia game?

My god! That was absolutely DIRTY! And of course all of the WV fans claim it went both ways…

Yeah, right! I’m NOT a PITT fan and didn’t even realize that Dave W… what’s his name? (Old Miami coach) was the coach of PITT.

I didn’t believe WV was as good as people claimed, which was true, and wanted to see a few plays– so I kept changing the channel and each time PITT made a good play – it seemed that the Refs decided that they’d like to see how high they could throw their neat, yellowy little flags.

Phantom Holds… I guess they missed the PI RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE! Punt return? Holding calls that just never existed… this was absolutely HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING!

I hope the NCAA does some HARDCORE investigating here. I cannot stand bad officiating but this makes bad officiating look like a GOOD THING… these guys were straight up THROWING the game, trying everything they could just to give West Virginia the “W”.

Sorry WV fans, but it must be pretty bad when dirty refs can’t even help you! I guess Pat White IS a good player after all!

As for the BCS… I think it’s hilarious that Georgia is #4 and LSU is behind them…

I also think it’s pathetic that Kansas isn’t even being considered for the NC with only 1 loss… the loss from the #1 TEAM IN THE NATION!

Virginia Tech? Ehhh… I don’t think they should be that high, but I also don’t want to say anything bad because we all know what happened there and it might help the school’s healing process. But I also think that the STRONGEST TEAMS should play for the National Championship… and who might that be?

LSU vs. Oklahoma.

Ohio State didn’t look that good last year and they’re DEFINITELY not looking very good this year. They’re NOT capable of beating the likes of OU, LSU, USC or Kansas. It’s just NOT going to happen.


From the looks of it – Ohio State will be playing against LSU in the National Championship…

Here’s why I will be rooting for Ohio State:

I agree with every other Football fan who believes ESPN is lobbying for LSU… what makes me think this? From the morning (yesterday) and even all through the Oklahoma (#9) vs. Missouri (#1) game, the Commentators continued to talk about Les Miles and LSU and how great they are. They BARELY EVEN MENTIONED Bo Pelini (The reason why LSU has been so good = known for defense… he’s the Defensive Coordinator) who is going to Nebraska (a once VERY dominant school, always known for Defense) … this, to me, proves that ESPN is trying hard to get Fan Polls going FOR LSU.

Why on earth would you be yapping about LSU, who barely beat the #14 team in the Nation, while you’re watching Oklahoma completely DESTROY the number 1 team in the Nation?

People can say all they want about how over-rated Mizzou was and why they should not have been #1… I don’t buy any of those arguments. I believe they beat Kansas fair and square and I believe they will embarrass whoever they play in a Bowl game, no matter who they play. I also believe Kansas will do the same.

Ohio State deserves to be in the NC game… they’ve lost 1 game. Sure, they lost to Illinois. OU lost to Colorado (they GAVE this game away after a 24-0 lead) and Texas Tech (who was actually one of the best Offenses in the country and barely lost to Texas — AND OU was playing with a backup QB and made far too many mistakes… but they still lost!) but by a total of 10 points.

USC beat only TWO WINNING TEAMS. Yes, they beat 2 teams with winning records. Every other team had losing records… betcha didn’t know that!

Virginia Tech? I just don’t think they’re capable of beating a strong team. Maybe next year?

And then LSU… guys… seriously… they lost their two games AT HOME to unranked teams! Arkansas ran all over them and embarrassed this “great” team! Any time you put 50 points on the board against a “#1″ team — that team does NOT look very good. McFadden proved that he should be the Heisman Trophy winner.

Tebow has plenty of time to prove he’s a good player… his numbers do not impress me yet. I could care less about 20+ rushing TD’s for a QB. The same way Michael Vick never impressed me in his College Years…and definitely not in the NFL! Same with Reggie Bush!

Bottom line… LSU lost twice AT HOME. Home field advantage and you LOSE TWICE? To UNRANKED TEAMS? C’mon!

At least give the NC game to Kansas or Georgia, if not OU!

But I don’t think most fans want to compete with OU after the nation watched last nights game and seen how fast their Defense was and how great their Running game is. Bradford, as a Freshman, is one of the best QB’s in the nation, if not the best. Malcolm Kelly? Best Wide out in the Nation… forget numbers. He’s the best. He’ll be a top player in the NFL.

If it IS OSU vs. LSU — I’m going to go buy an Ohio State shirt for the hell of it. SEC is entirely overrated, in my opinion. Big 12 and Big 10 have a much bigger history and Big 12 proved they’re the toughest this year with 4 top 10 teams (if Texas does end up in the top 10 as they should!).

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  1. cindy fowler

    Crooked calls today at Arkansas game .How do they get by with this? Arkansas would win this game if refs didnt cheat!!!!!!!

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