Songs of the week

I’m constantly listening to music and sometimes get hooked on certain music for about 4-5 days before I move onto something else.

So what would be better than to list the “songs of the week”? 🙂

Social D(istortion) [OC Local band] – Story of my life
This song has always been one of those songs that bring you back to your childhood as a teenager but when you listen to it in your 20’s – it takes you back to your teenage years.

Lit [another OC band] – Miserable
This song reminds me of Las Vegas, when I lived there in 2003. I was dating this psycho chick at the time and living in Vegas didn’t help much, although the dudes I lived with were cool as hell and made it a great place to be at the time.

Daughtery – What I want
Love the entire album but this is just one of those songs that stick in my head right now.

Isreal Kamamawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Who would’ve thunk it? A 700 pound man could make a cheesy song sound so good? Unfortunately he died in 1997 at the age of 38 but at least he left behind a great memory for many, many people.

The Killers – My List
Pretty crazy huh? The irony and all? But it’s a great song. The album is just sick. Read my mind, When you were young, Uncle Johnny, etc, etc. a bunch of great songs but this one is stuck in my head.

Cold – Stupid Girl
Another song that reminds me of my ex, “ironically”. It just makes me smile when I hear it because I’m happy those days are over. The lyrics are just too true and they set the mood for a nice, reminiscent laugh.

Phantom Planet – California
I remember hearing this song about 2 months before Fox used it for promoting The OC. I just love the song, period. It takes me back , even when I’m not in Cali. I’ll be back in June! 🙂

There’s just a few tracks that are “stuck in my head” this week. No Jim Croce this week but I’m sure I’ll have one next week 😉

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