Google Tips … Why Is It Wrong?

Google has recently adopted “Tips” in their SERPS and alot of bloggers are claiming that they’re not living up to their Mantra that they will “Do no evil” (Don’t be evil). Now I, myself, love this mantra but I’m confused as to how they’re really affecting the average Informational Searcher?

Is it not at the same level as Marketers using PPC looking for the Transactional Searcher?

What’s the difference between Yahoo! and other Companies offering tips to use their services? I believe it’s a great idea for Google to promote their free services to users who search for their products.

A) Free is not evil unless it is used maliciously (e.g. Malware used in Free software)

B) It’s their service promoting their service(s) that they truly believe their users (searchers) would be interested in.

C) Most of this drama started from Blake Ross, the creator of Firefox, who has no right to go against Google since Mozilla also gives tips to download Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. in the same level, right? Yes…

D) Suggestions are simply that…SUGGESTIONS. If I suggest that you not take Blake Ross’ suggestions … would you do it?

Get over it. I like the fact that Google took it off because of the Drama but C’MON! It’s complete contradiction for the creator of Firefox to speak on “suggestions” being EVIL.

“SPREAD FIREFOX” was way more evil than “Google Tips” could have ever been. They had every intent on over-suggesting others to use Firefox, while Google is simply letting others know about their OTHER free services on THEIR SITE, not others.

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