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The Inability To Read

I always seem to find at least one moron who chooses to start arguments based on their own cross-eyed views and assumptions.

These are the types of people who just love to attack people for no reason … probably because they were picked on in High School. Maybe all that fear of getting picked on ruined their abilities to read?

try reading, moron!

It seems that most of these arguments on forums are started because people cannot read, at all. I choose to read comments several times before I make replies but I sometimes try not replying at all … but more recently I was attacked for something that was said by another member. Then I made a smart ass comment stating that between “me and ____ we could have started a huge uproar very quickly” so he then tried, instead of apologizing for his own confusion, to twist my words and make it sound like me and this other person was ATTEMPTING to sart rumors… haha WOW, this is the spot where the morons come out to shine their halo’s!

So of course once this is thrown back into this guys face — he has nothing to do but bash my signature on the forums. That’s always the easiest way to make someone look foolish, right? I mean I begged so hard for my Moderator spot on phpFoX (DON’T TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY for all of you clowns with no sense of humor — I was ASKED to become a moderator!) and I GET PAID SO MUCH! (ANOTHER JOKE! I DO NOT GET PAID!).

It just makes me laugh to see how some people can act so childish, though. If you can’t argue — bash the sig! that’s what morons always say…

I’ve Created A Monster .. phpFoX sold???

So I started a rumor — out of Speculation that phpFoX was sold, as a company.

Today I’ve been hit with a million questions and now I find myself trying to explain that it was simple speculation and I do NOT know for a fact if it were true or not. Actually, I started believing that something was going on at the beginning of the year but then Drew and Natio (Ray Benc) disappeared from the Forums …

… all the sudden Drew comes in with an announcement that he was leaving phpFoX but would still be around the forums. Also that a major change would be announced on Feb. 1st.

This is why I stated that “I smelled a buyout” and then I also stated that we should all “be prepared” as well as more “straight-to-the-point” comments.

The funny thing about this is that a member on the phpFoX forums “Todd88” had replied (being a smartass) that he was the new owner named “John Wayne Kasey” with a big welcome speech …. next thing I know — rumors continue to fly.


I could be 100% wrong … I simply made some comments and I may regret them later haha.


There’s a few people who are now accusing me of some kind of “prank” or “stupid joke”. Uhhhhhh, please DO NOT accuse me of being someone else. I am not Todd88, who was the person who wrote the response which was an obvious joke. PLEASE READ — MY SPECULATIONS ARE NOT JOKES, they’re MY OPINIONS.

Finally! Now We Have A SUPERBowl!

As most of you know by now – the Chicago Bears (my favorite team as a child when Walter Payton and Jim McMahon played) and the Indianapolis Colts are going to the Super Bowl!

It’s been a LONG time since there’s been a game this good … actually, not since 2001 has there been a game this good! I never cared for the Patriots and they’re a very boring team to watch. So finally Peyton Manning has become a “TRUE” winner. With all of the records he’s broken in the NFL – he was still on the same path as Dan Marino. But now he has a chance to win a ring …

But hopefully DA BEARS! will pull of a great victory. I don’t think the Colts will win this one … the Bears defense is just way too tough. It’s a shame that Tommy Harris is injured, though. 😉

Go Bears! either way, this will be a GREAT GAME!!!

A Test of Time or testing my time?

There was once a time that I had a lot of time to think … even while I worked full-time, I had a life and a lot to do outside of work.

Unfortunately, over the years, things have changed. I don’t have much of a life beyond work lately but I’m truly hoping (and I believe it will happen) that by this summer I will be working a lot less than I have over the past few years.

I had a plan before the year started … yeah, a real plan. The plan was actually 3 big plans:

  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Beyond Work Plan

Yeah, okay, so the last title wasn’t really named “Beyond Work Plan”. And no, I never wrote it out. The plan was more of a mental image.

The image was me: not working so much. Makes sense … right? I had so much work to finish up before the Summer began and now I seem to be getting stuck working more and more each day I wake up.

Why is this happening? I’m allowing it … because it’s hard for me to say no when people ask nicely and/or they’re in need of help.

Now I don’t mind helping others, not at all. But for some reason it seems that one job grows a little more than the original agreement and then it slowly turns into “more jobs” … ugghhhhh… what to do? I’m LOSING money by helping these people.

It’s time to say no.

Most people would be more than happy to have extra work but, for me, I’m actually losing a ton of money each day I let my own projects slip by. Now there’s nobody telling me that my sites have deadlines … except myself. But I DO have deadlines — it says so in my plans!

I’m not really sure why I don’t say no from the get-go … I guess because I feel bad for people because they have to go find unproven programmers or “whatever” that may cost too much in the end?

Whatever the case may be … I need to tell a few people I won’t be able to continue work after this weekend. I’m now 2 weeks behind and the testing of my time is making me a little impatient … plus, my plans are screaming at me!

On we go…


Some people completely disgust me!

Yeah, yeah so I love Wolves and tend to post about saving those in need every time I get the chance …

I got this Email this morning and apparently the Murders have already started in Alaska. These people who get their kicks off of killing defenseless animals need psychiatric care … it’s amazing that some people can walk by homeless people and pass judgement so quickly about their mental condition and even, in some cases, have those people put away … yet those who go out and shoot creatures in cold blood are sane?

This is a disgusting ‘sport’ and anybody who takes part in this should be shot in the testicles. Period.

Dear clint,

Another season of aerial gunning is underway in Alaska. And this year could be the bloodiest in decades, with the state seeking to eliminate as many 664 wolves through aerial gunning and other means in areas slated for aerial control.

Last year, more than 150 wolves were killed, shot down by gunners using low-flying aircraft. At least ten wolves have already been killed this year.

You can help put an end to this brutal practice. Please donate $35, $50, $100 or more right now to support our Campaign to Stop the Alaska Wolf Massacre.

Because they are such social animals, each wolf’s death can be damaging to its pack’s ability to hunt and survive. Yet gunners can indiscriminately kill any wolf, including pack leaders and pregnant mothers.

Allowing private individuals, rather than state personnel, to conduct aerial gunning also leads to increased wounding and suffering.

We need your support to end Alaska’s aerial gunning. Please make a donation online now to support our work in Alaska and on Capitol Hill to help save wolves.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund opposes aerial gunning, and we’re not alone.

Alaskans have twice voted to restrict the use of aircraft to shoot wolves. Not surprisingly, many wildlife supporters and hunters alike consider airborne wolf killing to be unsporting and cruel.

Scientists and conservationists worry that the programs’ goals of attempting to artificially inflate game numbers threatens not only Alaska wolves, but also the long-term health of local ecosystems wolves help balance.

Please help us end aerial gunning in Alaska. Fighting to save wolves has our time, resources and funds stretched to the breaking point. That’s why we need your help to raise $75,000 in the next two weeks to support these and other efforts to save wolves…

  • Federal lobbying. The new Congress offers a remarkable opportunity to finally spur federal action to end aerial gunning in Alaska. We’re already working to introduce and pass legislation to strengthen and clarify the Federal Airborne Hunting Act, the law passed in the 1960s to prevent programs like Alaska’s.
  • Grassroots mobilization. In Alaska and around the world, we’ve mobilized hundreds of thousands of dedicated activists in opposition to Alaska’s aerial gunning. Working with local conservationists and sportsmen, along with our sister organization, Defenders of Wildlife, we’ll also do everything in our power to support an upcoming state-based ballot initiative to restrict aerial gunning once again.

Wolves are dying right now. Please make the most generous donation you can to support this important campaign and help us save wolves.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen, President Rodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Please donate to help these animals out!

Why Lazy People Do Not Work In Business Ventures

All of my life I was considered “lazy” because I didn’t like the idea of working for someone else doing something I didn’t enjoy … how is this lazy? Well, it’s not. It’s just that 99% of people truly believe you have to be lucky to succeed on your own and if you’re not working for some big company “you’re crazy” or not working for a corporation because you don’t want to: “you’re lazy”.

So, growing up I watched my dad work for Northrop Grunman in Los Angeles (El Segundo) and he’d leave to work REALLY early and spend hours on the Freeway and hours coming home … this, after he worked overtime to “beat the traffic”.

So my dad was obviously NOT lazy. I was, though. I didn’t like being a Paper boy at 12, but I still tried it for a few months. I also didn’t like working for Burger King when I was 16 … but I tried it for a couple of months. I worked for Hughes Market (no longer “Hughes”) for a few months before I tore muscles in my lower back (re-injured my back from a School football game) and had people telling me I was just being lazy … I was “acting like I was hurt” to get free money (workers comp). So, to shut people up I decided to stop workers comp and quit Hughes, which left me with an unhealed back injury that was supposedly an excuse for 8 years after, when it finally healed (not completely)!

I worked for several corporations over the past 10 years. I’ve also spent a lot of time learning while I wasn’t working. Dreams of becoming my own boss … the same dreams Millions of others have. But I considered myself different. Why? because it seemed that EVERYBODY was talking about “becoming their own boss” but I was TRYING. I started my own Auto Detailing company when I was 17 … why? Because I LOVED IT! I loved making a difference!

While that Business never became successful – I knew why it didn’t …

a) Not enough starting capital to purchase the Tools, Chemicals and Equipment I needed

b) I was unsure of myself after I noticed it wasn’t as successful as my dreams were.

c) I had little faith in myself because I had little help or guidance.

Nobody believed in me … I was a high school dropout who was a “screw up” of a teenager. I stayed in trouble more than I stayed out.

But nobody would listen either. I practically begged for help! I wanted to get out of the streets more than anybody at that time … but my parents could barely survive with the income they had, so I couldn’t ask them for a penny. Plus, I didn’t believe that they believed in me. I felt like they considered me to be the same loser as everybody else considered me. A “screw up”.

So I never got the same attention as normal teenagers got. Even in my early Twenties I worked harder at every job I had only to get recognized as the “bald headed guy” or the “gangbanger”. Sure, appearance is everything … but I didn’t feel comfortable becoming someone I was not. I was not a rich kid … I was not some surfer … I was not a computer nerd … I was not even a high school graduate. I was who I was and I felt that appearance was nothing — work ethics was everything.

But nope … I was even called “Lazy” because of my appearance. It was so disturbing that I could literally work 10 times harder than my co-workers and still get little respect because of my appearance. The way I looked had everything to do with other peoples attitudes.

People are just so stuck in their ways that they seem to lose reality and gain a false sense of realism that has been etched into the back of their minds by small minded, opinionated, people that have nothing but negativity to offer.

Later in life, I realized that the Web was the best thing I’ve ever discovered. Rather than being watched every time I make a move — I can go online and “become a new person”. Not only am I now considered a Hard worker – I’m also considered “trustworthy” by everyone I meet online.

Why? because people can’t judge me by my appearance unless they see my picture … the irony? the ironic part about that is: I still have people question my ethics AFTER they’ve already given me praise…all of this comes AFTER they see my picture. It’s great isn’t it?

I’m one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in real life but I still get the same crap online, once in a while. I still get the fearful looks or the looks of anger (mad-dogging) and even the looks of disrespect. But the main thing is — I try to look the other way now.
The past few years (Since 2001 or so) have been great, though. I’ve taught myself so many things about the web. From HTML and a little Javascript to PHP (thanks to the help of a few others [Jason Ragsdale for one]) to SEO to Internet Marketing to CSS. If it weren’t for myself — I don’t know where I’d ever be.

Unfortunately lazy people actually do hurt your Business, though. Because of all the crap I’ve dealt with throughout my life – I’m quick to give people chances, even second chances. But third chances are really, really rare for me.

Over these last few years I’ve met a lot of people who actually DO notice the work ethics of myself … and some use it to their advantage and some use it FOR their advantage … yes, there is a difference in my book.

See … using something “to your advantage”, in my opinion, would mean to “take advantage of something” without over-welcoming your stay. But using something or somebody FOR your advantage is just “take advantage of anything and everything” … these are Sharks.

The West Coast is full of Sharks when it comes to Business and it’s easy to get eaten alive if you don’t watch out. Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of getting burned a few times over the years and I’ve taken note. I’ve learned a TON from Business people in the past 5 years, that’s for sure. There’s truly legit business people, on the fence and then downright nasty, evil f#king business people. I’ve dealt with them all …

Then there’s those people who, so badly, want to become Entrepreneurs that they attempt to piggy back all the way to the bank … heh…. luckily I’ve seen enough lately!

If you truly want to become successful in Business and STAY successful – do yourself a favor and learn. I know a lot of Book sponges (people who soak up information fast) who love learning but are too lazy to try those new things — I used to be like that, the difference was that I was too scared to do it, not lazy. There’s also those who are just too lazy to learn: these are the people I despise the most.

Why would you believe that you can walk into a Business and not try learning anything and make money? I’m sure there’s a few who have “lucked out” in life and got things handed to you — you’re not the ones I’m referring to. I personally know several people who tell me they’ve got “great ideas to start a new business” yet they ask me for guidance …

Sorry, I’m not someone who’s willing to take your idea and run with it so you can get rich while sitting on your ass …nope, not me!

Do yourself a favor — watch out for these people. If they have an idea – request a Business plan and if they provide this plan – do the same research to make sure it matches…if it does – then start bombarding that person (or those people) with trick questions to see what they do know about the Business. Ask for a Marketing plan, etc.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t jump into any Business ventures with people who don’t have a clue about the Business … the fact that these people want you in it tells you that they’re looking for a piggy back ride to the bank.

Lazy people are not meant for true Business. They’re looking for the quick buck and they’re looking for a stepping stone … don’t become that stone!


Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People TalkingWord of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services

President Bush, the Miserable Failure.

Hey, it’s not just me … even Google believes President Bush is a Miserable Failure !

Well, thanks to all of the Anti-Bush SEO’s anyways 😉

But I found it funny that the Pro-Bush SEO’s used links for Jimmy Carter … oh well! Bush blows up houses in Iraq so Cheney can rebuilt them for money and Carter accepts donations to put up those not blown up by Bush (in the U.S.A.), who cares?

When revisiting the Miserable Failure – George Bush query in Google I noticed that Michael Moore comes up 3rd in the results. That’s interesting…so some Pro-Bush SEO’s probably pushed him up to that spot. But what was the point? In a marketing mind, one would have to believe that this could only benefit Mr. Moore, right?

See, when Miserable Failure shows our PRESIDENT who is now being scorched by 75% of the country he runs being the #1 result in Google one would have to assume this will definitely hurt his…credibility…if we can still use that these days. But Michael Moore is opposing the President and while people might like to believe this hurts his credibility — people enjoy reading!

I’m just baffled by the minds of some of these “genius” developers, “haters” and SEO’s out there. Sometimes one needs to stop and think before he drops a link 😉

On that note … maybe Miserable Failure is the best choice? I personally can’t stand our current President and would like others to read into the details more … so thanks to all of those who don’t seem to think properly! 🙂

Sometimes I just wonder how much sense some people have.

Barry Bonds = the reason Baseball has become a joke. Busted again!

I grew up a huge Baseball fan…nothing came between me and baseball. Up until 2003 I was still a major fan, although McGwire and Sosa had left a lot of true fans with bad tastes in their mouths.

Barry Bonds has failed another test … this time for Amphetamines in which he then blamed on Mark Sweeney. Why not? people seem to believe him and George Bush more than facts anyways …

You can read more about Baseballs reason for failure right here.

I just find it AMAZING that Pete Rose can’t make it into the Hall Of Fame because he GAMBLED. But Barry Bonds is able to break REAL RECORDS while under the influence of Illegal Narcotics?

Amazing … truly Amazing. The guy, at the least, should be in jail right now. Darryl Strawberry was busted for coke … so was Dwight Gooden and many others who spent time in Prison. So, why should Barry Bonds be given so many extra chances?

I hope Baseball finally hits rock bottom. I mean guys getting paid $20 Million a year for hitting 30 home runs and batting .289 while on Steroids is a joke.