Freedom Of Speech: Just Watch What You Say?

Here in the United States of America we have something called “Freedom of Speech”. It gives each of it’s Citizens the right to speak their mind, unlike many other Countries.

Unfortunately, when you’re online – you have people that believe they can ‘sue’ anytime they desire…or atleast they believe they can threaten you with Lawsuits. Luckily, I know that I can use my blog in any way I desire… even if it’s speaking the truth about certain people in other countries, right?

Well, I use a product from one Company whose competitor has a far, less effective, product that I had stopped using just recently. But before I stopped using it- I got into a little argument on the Digital Point Forums with the Owner of that product that I stopped using and he tried bashing his own customers as well as using Alias (yes, we’ve got proof now) to make his company look better than it was. It basically turned into a Flame war on his part, even well after I had stopped arguing. He called me and his other customer liars, thieves and many other names as well.

But I left it alone and I blogged about it…it’s my Constitutional right. Right?

But according to this guy – I have no right to mention his name in any negative manner…yet HE feels HE does? That’s fair, right? Wrong.

Now I’m getting “legal threats” from this guy on HIS BLOG and I’ve had many odd, sudden, spam comments as well as many referrals from India. Very odd!

I guess I’ll wait for more…. 🙂

Records are great!

But my point is…I find it funny how people truly believe they can lie about what they have or have not done and then Blog about it …yet they think if they Blog about someone that THAT person is NOT allowed to Blog back?

Well, I’ll keep their name out of my Blog from now on because I’ve obviously given them more traffic than they deserve.

Hopefully they keep off my server now. 😉

UPDATE: I continue to get harassed and spam continues to fill up. Amazing! I never got Spam until 3 days ago, the same day I tracked back to a post of this guy. Now I’m seeing more threats… I can’t stand threats. If you’re going to do it, do it. Don’t say you’re doing something and act like you’re some powerful guy with a powerful Attorney; I’ve dealt with plenty of those types of people.

And apparently your Lawyer has you pumped up for no reason. If you truly think you have some kind of case, please – remember I will counter sue. 😉

You might want to notice that in the U.S. we have sites like completely bad mouthing people with MILLIONS of dollars and BIG NAMED lawyers. Wonder why they never sue people like PerezHilton or other people that bad mouth companies, etc? Freedom of Speech… I have every right to let others know of my experience with Bad Business ethics.

Hey, by the way… there’s a VERY popular site called RIPOFFREPORT.COM, ever hear of them? 😉

Stop bad mouthing me and stop threatening with lawsuits.

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