The Rich Jerk: Kelly Felix, You’re Still At It?

I loved the book… it was the best book I’ve seen in a long time by Internet Marketers because it wasn’t full of useless garbage. It had straight-to-the-point information that anyone can use to make money online (if they actually applied what the book teaches). Now I’m not saying the book was the most useful piece of information out there… I’m simply saying that with all the garbage that comes out (Mike Filsaime books from here on out) – this was ALOT better than other books. You didn’t have to go through 100 pages of content to find ONE piece of useful information.
But the problem is – the guy needs to stop trying to deceive people now. Video Blogs such as this one showing a “backdoor trick” to get The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript for cheaper and acting like it was a “magical egg” or whatever the hell the guy was saying is messed up.

I guess he really does think the average person is a moron? His acting skills are better in the hands of someone else playing “the rich jerk”, though 😉

Mr. Felix, do yourself a favor and do what you did best. Bring “straight-to-the-point” information and stop selling garbage or trying to pass off affiliate links as “secret backdoor passage ways to freedom and instant millions” or whatever the hell you’re trying now. Maybe Howard Stern Commercials will help you sell a few more copies of your played out book?

Like they always say… “You can tell when a Company is suffering and desperate for Business… they start spending a ton of money on Advertising”. Odd for a “Marketing Genius”, right?

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