Just watched TheSecret.tv Video

I’ve finally got to see TheSecret Video and I have to admit… at first I figured it would be some kind of cheesy, overly repeated, money making scam or something.

But actually it had nothing to do with “making money”…well, in general. It was about the Laws of Attraction. You know “positive thinking equals positive results”, etc, etc. The same stuff you can read on Napoleon Hill’s books or hear Anthony Robbins or Brian Tracy speak about.

Yeah, sounds like you’ve probably heard it all by now…but I PROMISE you, you haven’t! This video was definitely well thought out, well produced, edited and finalized to near perfection. The things they speak about are not anything new but the way they’ve put it together makes you want to watch it over and over.

Actually, Monday Night Television is my favorite night to watch t.v. with shows such as “How I met You mother”, “The Class”, “Two and a half men”, etc. but I only got to watch half of Two and a half men because I couldn’t stop watching this video.

The funny thing is… I found the video information on DigitalPoint Forums and all of these people were talking about how “they wouldn’t waste their money on this type of garbage” and they basically came back to talk trash in HUGE, LONG replies about the Movie they did not watch all in the most negative ways. The irony is indeed interesting.

But basically it’s not some magical pill or anything…you obviously have to use the Video to take advantage of what they’re speaking on. I know there’s a ton of non-believers but that’s part of the point of the Video.

Look…spend the $4.95 and watch the Video. I will guarantee you that you will NOT feel ripped off in any way. Most of the people in the Video are very well known and definitely know more about the subject than most people.

It could change your life? It may just waste an hour and a half of your time? Either way – if it wastes your time – you’re wasting your own time anyways.

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