Mike Filsaime: He’s Letting Thieves Rip Off Your Identity!

I’ve made another post regarding Mike Filsaime and his failure to protect his Affiliates but since I’ve YET to receive an Email from his Support Team regarding this issue – I will continue to let people know about it.

“The Death Of Internet Marketing” is a complete ripoff of an idea created by the guy who made “The Death Of Adsense” but what’s worse is: Mr. Mike Filsaime is RIPPING OFF HIS AFFILIATES AS WELL!

See, you, as an Affiliate, will NOT get paid unless you complete all fields which include posting your Social Security Number on an UNSECURE Network. Yes, the guy who brags and boasts about “making millions online” off of his Customers is too cheap to purchase an SSL Certificate.

How does this make Mike Filsaime look? Pretty bad in my eyes. Not only does he not care about Ripping off other peoples Ideas (biting) – he also doesn’t care about his Affiliates OR Customers as he is selling junk as of late anyhow.

PayPal Email:
So we can pay your
Affiliate commission

USA Members: SSN or Tax ID No.:
We can not and WILL NOT pay you ANY commissions unless you enter
this information. It is required for
tax reporting purposes

If this field is left blank we will not pay you. US Members that willfully place a false SSN number in that field may be committing tax fraud as this number is reported to the US gov’t as income paid by us to your PayPal address.

What an @sshole! This guy hasn’t answered my queries because HE REALIZES THAT PEOPLE WON’T GET PAID IF THEY DON’T FILL IT OUT! This means HE GETS MORE MONEY!

Mike Filsaime is an Official Scam Artist! I had respect for this guy until this latest project… Too cheap to protect his Affiliates who he’s also hoping will be his Customers. Too lazy to reply to Emails regarding these issues and TOO CHEAP to come up with a more unique idea.

Rip off!

2 thoughts on “Mike Filsaime: He’s Letting Thieves Rip Off Your Identity!

  1. Martin

    That confirms the impression I got when watching their videos.

    Nice buzzwords and intelligent looking statements but on closer look it seems they have not even basic knowledge. Someone there however must have some knowledge and orchestrates the clowns not to talk too much nonsense.

  2. Mike

    It goes far beyond what you mentioned above. In Mike’s plugnplaysite.com an agreement is signed with each site for this “call center”. I signed the agreement, for multiple sites, faxed it in (the only “Contact” number you will EVER receive) then I asked the support team for the LEGAL CONTACT information for this group to which we sign agreements. Nothing. Requested it at least three times. Nothing. Even emailed is “secretary” and she replied with nothing the first time then an email adress to which there is no response. But I did discover that there is a relationship between this “PROSPER” group, who has a book on Amazon that you can’t order! But there are two guys associated with that book who evidently run this “call center”. Time to pull their names into this mix, maybe they can encourgage Mike to shape up and start providing legal information so that we can get with the NY Attorney General and get an investigation started. These are the guys running his “call center” http://www.prosperbook.com/ and the two names associatd with this scam are Ethan Willis and Randy Garn. I dumped 2K into his scam and another $500 plus in expenses to make it run. Nothing. Zip. Just a run around when trying to contact the people I signed contracts with to give legal notice of termination.

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