Shoemoney Used To Be Fat?

I hate using that word but I’m using it for now… I’ve recently started checking out almost everything Shoemoney has typed about on making money Online for about the last 7 months now and he’s been a HUGE inspiration for me.

But somehow I ran into a post about his Biliopancreatic Diversion Duodenal Switch Surgery… (phewww, hope I got that right!) and was blown away by how much weight he lost through this surgery.

I myself was overweight by about 80 LBS. at one point in my life but lost most of that in 2002…while I gained some back over the years – I’ve recently been working out alot and losing it once again. So I know how it feels to be overweight… although I was always “just chubby” most of my life as I was an athlete since I was about 6 years old and couldn’t stay away from sports…or sugar – which is why I was never skinny. But for about a year and a half I was REALLY big because I just couldn’t stop doing nothing after a year of Walking 5+ miles a day and barely even eating (I was homeless for a while) a $1 hamburger a day. So going from being really active and eating very few calories a day to suddenly eating all day and not doing crap – it makes you get fat quickly.

So I was just blown away by the pictures of Shoemoney as he looked prior to the surgery. I read the article he wrote about it on his blog and it shows what kind of a person he is and the type of people he has to support him. So while some people may think he’s a lucky person for making so much money — they sometimes overlook the problems people may suffer from behind the wallet…

I think it’s amazing though that this guy went from this:

Shoemoney before his weight loss surgery

To this:

Shoemoney after his weight loss surgery

Yeah, I threw in a picture of him with some hot chicks… like that could ever fail? 🙂

Seriously though… that’s one big accomplishment after another. So while some may or may not see how hard he’s worked to become who he is online – they may or may not now know how hard he’s worked offline as well.


That’s awesome!

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