Customer Retention Online?

Is it me or does it seem that Customer Retention for online “businesses” seems to be lacking? Take Clickbank, for example, and how their program works.

I’ve dealt with Clickbank on several occasions and well… to be honest I was less than Satisfied. But what pisses me off the most is the Business hiding behind them.

Most Businesses “outsource” to Clickbank for dealing with Online Sales and the “whole 9 yards” involved (Advertising, Affiliates, Merchant, etc). Clickbank to some is like a plug and play machine that can eliminate alot of daily hassles. While this is true — it’s also disturbing to me now that I’ve gotten a little more familiar with the system.

See, most “Marketing Guru’s” will tell you to use to sell your product for ease of use… shoot, most of them worship the service and act as if it’s a godsend. But is it?

No! Because MOST OF THESE GUYS USE Clickbank as CUSTOMER SERVICE AS WELL! They try to eliminate Customer Service completely by deliberately NOT giving out any Customer Service/Support Emails or Ticket Systems and letting the Customer ASSUME they need to contact Clickbank for any Support/Service issues regarding their product.

That’s shady to me.

And the fact that I tried to get a Return on one book that I purchased through a “GURU” because I had no replies to my email is what led me to this post. Now I purchased the book through my own affiliate link (is this wrong? I did not see anything against this?) and they refunded me the money for a CHEAPER book yet took the Commission from the most EXPENSIVE book. How is this fair? I’m not sure but let’s continue.

So when I contacted them to explain this to them they sent me over this copy and paste reply that looked familiar. It looked like the infamous Google AdSense replies that nobody ever wants to see. You know what I’m talking about… the one that might be 4 paragraphs long and MIGHT mention your problem in 2-3 words?

Yeah, one of those emails. So I wrote back and explained that the Email did nothing for me and I wanted the money that I paid for THAT book. Well, guess what I got next? The EXACT SAME MESSAGE!

So, I let it go for a few weeks until I noticed I had been ripped off of even more money. They stripped me of commissions for more books that I know were never refunded because they just happened to be PEOPLE I KNEW. So I tried contacting them again and recieved NOTHING.

It’s been 3 weeks since that last email and I will attempt to try once again.

Is this the type of company you would want to run YOUR BUSINESS? I have become a non-believer of Clickbank and I will NOT be using them for any of my Products in the future and I’m definately not going to be promoting any of their products after this experience.

I now see Clickbank as a cheap, unreliable alternative Service… kind of like using an AOL Free Trial Disk because you have no other option.

So before heading on over to Clickbank to promote your next product — PLEASE think about your Customers. I never relied on Clickbank for much before but I know plenty that have and STILL ARE. I think most of these products are a quick buck product that the creator had no intention of backing up.

Bottom line is – most “Online Businesses” are not REAL businesses and lack the knowledge of Running their own Business. Sure, they may make money and they may have become rich… but how long will this last? If they’re ripping off customers now – they get caught trying to rip off the wrong person later. I think we’ve all seen this before. 😉

Your Customers can help your Business grow later. They might even become your Affiliates so treat them well and handle your business correctly. Your next venture may rely on these current Customers.

2 thoughts on “Customer Retention Online?

  1. vicioussummer

    You are so right. Some businesses are going for the quick and easy buck, which is too easy to do online. But, I can tell you from experiance, customer satisfaction is where it is at. Loyal, happy customers =’s long term success. 🙂

  2. clint.lenard Post author

    Indeed Summer! Some Businesses believe they can do half-ass customer service and get away with it too.

    Oh well, hopefully more individuals keep their head in the game when the money continues to roll in… some people lose complete focus.

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