Is it possible that Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. is still alive?

“The Crime of the Century” is what it’s still called, to this day. Col. Charles Lindbergh’s son was kidnapped and later said to be murdered when a Babies Body was found only miles from the Lindbergh’s home.

But over the past few decades there have been many, many people claiming to be the kidnapped son of Charles Lindbergh.

The one story that intrigues me is the one told by none other than “Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr”. That would make sense, right?

So, today I spent a while doing some research and looking in to the actual site of this man who claims he is none other than Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. The site is full of interesting documented “stuff” from facts to the claims made by himself. But who could say this guy is wrong? His story sounds awfully true, if you ask me. I mean back then if someone like Mr. Lindbergh was to identify a baby as being his and have it cremated, etc. he would look like a fool to say “no, it was a mistake”. Shoot, even today it would look awkward. Why would he have done this so quickly, though?

I’m sure nobody will ever know unless the Family of Charles Lindbergh actually steps up and allows for a DNA test, which is what this man is requesting anyways.

But what’s most interesting to me is the stories of his past and the claims that the Colonel and the FBI actually stopped by on several occasions to “take a look” at the man and to “verify” that he could possibly be the son. Also, the facts that Jon Lindbergh has actually watched him as well and that friends of the family suggest he looks and acts almost exactly like his long lost brother?

It’s a great website, whether truth or just a good read. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

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  1. Corona

    I am doing a history project, if you could e-mail me the link of that website i would greatly appreciate it
    thank you
    Corona Sabine <3


    Even more interesting would be the black woman who claims to be Charles Lindberg Jr., Geneva Cato Fields!! I would love to get a copy of the book that she wrote but it is nowhere to be found. Have you ever come across it? ‘I Located Myself, The Linberg Baby Alive’

  3. Benny Nathan Altis

    Money is the reason the Lindbergh’s don’t want to let others have a copy of their DNA. That is OK with me. The State of New Jersey Police and the FBI lifted CAL, Jr’s fingerprints from his toys. Rita Witt sent me both copies. If you have forgot we are in the Computer Age and this makes it very easy to compare your finger prints. If you want to just know if Charles A. Lindbergh could be your biological father even if you are a girl write in your normal manner Charles A. Lindbergh. Your DNA is in control of your movements. If he is your biological father there will be a remarkable similarity

  4. Charles A lindbergh, Jr

    Was The Lindbergh Kidnapping a perfect crime?
    The kidnappers Fred and Israel Altis family and friends
    Who planned and executed the crime went to their grave
    Knowing some how they got away with it
    After days and hours of considering the facts
    J. Edgar Hoover and the government
    Decided for the welfare of the child
    Not to disturb him because all reports
    Stated he was a happy and a well adjusted Child
    I can state I was enjoying my life!!!
    Why get upset over something I had no control of.

    Cabool, MO was a rest and recover haven deluxe for members of the mafia and others who were considered as criminals in the 1920s and 30s from Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louie Some of these big names where. Big Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, Ma Barker and her boys plus many more.

    This was also the home town of Fred and Israel Altis the ones who planned and carried out the Lindbergh Kidnapping with help from their family members and friends. These fine gentlemen were considered heroes until young Charles was fingerprinted by the feds and the FBI engulfed this tiny community. Numerous fine citizens of this hamlet were sent to prison for services they preformed for their faithful followers.

    I, Charles A .Lindbergh Jr. will never forget how important I was feeling wearing brown laced boots, brown leather jacket, and brown aviators cap with goggles. I was a fly boy first class. Fred made certain that the good people of Cabool were reminded of my heritage. Until one day lighting struck this paradise and no one would speak to me. I was petrified at first until I began thinking how unfairly I was being treated. I had not killed anyone I was just a little boy. The more I thought of it the stronger and stronger I grew until I left that hell hole in the summer of 1940. Little did I know that the fickle finger of fate was going to strike me again and again? A voice said to me pay back will come when your old enough to enjoy it.

    Freedom of speech, what a crouch of shit that is, I got into more trouble telling the truth than I ever did lying. George Washington was a privileged aristocrat and whatever he said it was OK because no one could question HIS HOLINESS.

    July 1940 I arrived bag and baggage in what I thought was Heaven. Little did I know prejudices were with me forever? Before I could go to school in Bremerton, Washington it was necessary I take placement test. What’s wrong with this educational system? I could read, write my name, count to a hundred, and knew the vowels what more should I know. I was there to learn not to teach. After five long days of taking test they wanted to talk to my parents.

    I wrote an essay saying I wanted to be an airline pilot. I miss spelled a few dozen words and I thought the world was coming to an end. Edna Frazier my teacher read it to the class and it made me feel like a jackass. They assured me being an Airline Pilot would be no more than a truck driver. This caused me to miss the boat to fame and fortune. That essay caused more question than I or the Altis family ever wanted to answer. It was no mystery to the University of Washington’s Psychologists. There unknown student had been identified.

    The next thing I knew I was in Sedalia, Missouri at the home of Israel’s brother Chris. We stayed there for a few months. One day, the Mayor of Cabool brought a truck and hauled us back to Cabool. I was older and things had changed. People were talking to me. I tried to make myself like good old Cabool. After a couple of years and hearing about the kidnapping I hit the road. I worked my way back to Washington. Fred was in Alaska so I worked on several farms and finally got a job as a longshoreman in Tacoma. Fred came back from Alaska and bought a home in Aberdeen, Washington. I went and lived with him and his wife for several months and then I took off again. I was always looking for some one who knew me or my parents. I got put in jail in San Antonio, Texas for vagrancy with my friend, Herbert Bailey. I had a Missouri driver’s license and it had Houston Texas County on it and they booked me as living in Houston, Texas. Every day for over week they took me to Judge Augustus McCloskey. He had to have been the most stupid judge in the country. Every day I told the good judge I was from Cabool, Missouri and he said,” your lying you are from Houston, Texas.”

    Finally two FBI AGENTS came in to me, showed me their papers, and asked me if I was Benny Altis form Cabool, Missouri and I said yes, and they said they had talked to my parents and the other agent would get a court order to release me. I ask them about Herbert Bailey and they said he would be listed too. They put us on a bus and told us not to get off the bus until we were out of the state of Texas. One of the agents gave me his card and he said tell your parents to sue the city of San Antonio for putting a you ( a minor) in a cell with harden criminals and holding you for over a week, I knew they wouldn’t.

    The Altis family was never afraid of the law after that incident. Herbert Bailey and I joined the Navy together. We got separated in boot camp and I have never seen or heard from him again. If by chance you should meet him tell him Benny said, “Hello”

    Awhile after I got out of the Navy I joined the Army. While I was in the Army I had read a FBI Report on me. There were all the answers I would ever wonder about.

    The reason Bill Gates is so rich is because of the laws and their enforcement. When you go to work for him as an engineer he owns your mind and thoughts even after you leave his company. IS THIS JUSTICE?

    One of the good things being Charles A Lindbergh, Jr. it kept me from going to Korea and getting my ass shoot off. I did not have a choice. When you’re an enlisted man in the military they do the thinking for you.

    Civilian life is not a bed of roses. They promise you pie in the sky. Don’t believe it’s a lie. Church and State has been the enemy of humanity since day one. All the wealth comes from natural resources, human knowledge, and labor. Because of the Laws and Brain Washing 2 percent of the population gets 90 percent of the wealth.

    The kidnappers were poor people trying to make a bare living. One day a chance of a life came their way. It appeared to them as fame and fortune until their heroes’ one by one begin meeting their maker.

    Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.
    AKA little Benny

  5. Benny Nathan Altis


    My Sun Clock has for 77 years activitied my memory of the original kidnapping act which occurred March 01, 1932 near Hopewell, New Jersey. This occurs twice a year near March First and November 12th and the effects last for approximately 10 days. It is very disturbing and frightening.
    I visited the house in 1987 and was surprised it was the one in my dreams though the Guard House was missing.

    Thank you for reading,
    Benny Altis
    I was originally named Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr.

  6. Damaris

    who could this be possible if they there accusing bruno richard hauptmann this is not fair i hope lindbergh charles get arrested for doing this to him.

  7. Tom Henry

    Hello, Benny
    Am I correct in believing that you have a print copy of the Lindbergh Baby’s finger prints. I believed that all of the finger print data was destroyed.
    Tom henry

  8. Little Benny

    I published The Last Living Eye Witness to The Lindbergh Kidnapping
    This was necessary so I alone could control what was written.
    I gave two copies to the Vancouver Regional Library Vancouver, Washington
    One copy to Portland, Oregon Libraries
    One copy to Vancouver, B. C. Library
    One copy to the Oregonian Portland Oregon’s major newspaper
    One copy to John Hatch a friend who lives in Vancouver, B. C.

  9. Little Benny


    From March 1, 1932 to April 6, 1936 there were 263 kidnappings in the USA.
    The first one netted $50,000 there afterwards the price jumped to $100,000 to $200,000
    The Lindbergh Kidnapping got the majority of the news media coverage.
    Bruno Richard Hauptmann was framed per the Learning Channel documentary film
    After the execution of Mr. Hauptmann the kidnapping stopped.

    The most critical age for a child to receive life threatening psychological damage from any extreme change in lifestyle is up to and including three and one half years of age.
    Though, a child could receive psychological damage at 12 years old. The experts in
    the medical profession did not believe I could act rationally after I consciously realized
    the facts in my life. Because of this I have not had any employment since July 1980.
    Charles A Lindbergh made certain I was taken care of when he was alive. Everything changed after Aug 26, l974 the day he passed on. His spirit came to me on Aug 26, 1974 but I did not recognize him. I thought he was my uncle Bennie who passed away in May 1953

  10. Little Benny

    I Little Benny AKA Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr met Charles Sr. twice that I am certain of but because I was suffering from amnesia I did not realize it. 1971 or 1972 CAL, Sr. flew me an Avionic Technician employed by American Airlines and three A & P Mechanics from American Airlines Hangar at LAX to an American Airlines Aircraft at the
    Las Vegas, Airport. I was extremely nervous because this had never happened before the normal routine was we would fly free with Bonanza Airlines. Years later I realized my father flew us to find out if I could recognize him. Charles didn’t find out I was a live until after they executed Mr. Hauptmann.
    The last time I saw my Father was August 26, 1974 He was in Hanna, Maui a Hawaiian Isle and I was in a Safeway Parking Lot Lawndale, CA this was the day he died and he came to me and I said, “Hello Uncle Benny and he replied I am Not Uncle Benny” At the time I could not understand and I was crying.

  11. Little Benny

    Xlibris is in the process of publishing
    The Last Living Witness to The Lindbergh Kidnapping, By Little Benny

  12. D. East

    This is very interesting to me because I am from Cabool. Actually between Cabool and Houston, Mo. I know and am related to some of the Altis families in that area.
    My father was born in the same area in 1921 and he has told interesting stories of his life growing up.
    I don’t recall ever hearing about any mafia hanging around that area but it would be a quiet place to relax I suppose.
    I would like to like to talk to Benny Altis / Charles Lindbergh jr. about his life there as a child, such as where he lived. Mr. Altis or Anyone with more information they would like to share may e-mail me at;

  13. James Rockford

    Hi Charles,

    I’ve already emailed with information I learned from my Aunt about 15 years ago. My Uncle, by marriage, and my Aunt lived in Hopewell, NJ, at the home of my Uncle for a short time just after they were married. The baby purported to be the Lindbergh baby was found on a piece of vacant rural property my Uncle’s father owned. His father was a well known publisher of a newspaper known as the True American. This is how I developed an interest in the story, as would anyone who has believed the official story for most of their life. My Aunt, by the way, passed away in 2000 at the age of 103.

    I gave Mr. Boortz the information on how to contact my cousins and Mother who might be able to provide more information on the property in Hopewell, though I guess it would have little value at this point.

    I heard an interview you gave on a radio program you did on a radio program called “Coast to Coast” (which occasionally airs interesting broadcasts, such as your interview). At that time you said you were pursuing a program that was to be aired as a movie on TV as a documentary on your life, and I’ve been hoping to get some news of its release. I no longer have TV since my wife died, as I believe most of the content is garbage and full of information meant to manipulate and create false perceptions of the world around them for the benefit of the elite. But I would certainly visit with my in-laws if I was to learn of a documentary on the life of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. and watch it there. I consider this to be a huge story of one of the country’s most followed stories in the distant past and hope it will be aired soon. Please provide any information on when it might be aired, as any who visit this website will certainly find it of interest.

    I also recently learned that the contents of the police museum in New Jersey were returned to the surviving members of the Lindberghs and they promptly destroyed it. That has the appearance of an attempt to make unavailable any DNA evidence that could conclusively prove that you are CAB, Jr. Beyond that it would seem an easy task to gain DNA evidence surreptitiously from any of the Lindbergh’s since they have not been forthcoming as they should be. I’m no lawyer, but it seems such evidence could be legally obtained without their knowledge. Certainly a reliable private investigator could do so for an affordable fee, including the DNA results which have become common and inexpensive. Those results could form part of the documentary if it is still being pursued, and the producers would certainly cover the costs of the DNA investigation.

  14. EGP

    He is most likely Lindbergs son but NOT the kidnapped baby. Charles Lindberg had a double life; he most likely is an illegimate child and everyone knows how illegitimate children were treated in 1930.

  15. Benny Altis

    Hello I am Benny
    Israel and Hattie Altis of Cabool, Mo. Had a son born March 18, 1929. It was a blue baby because Hattie ab negative rh factor and the child had O positive rh factor. Everyone knew the chid would not live and it was unnamed. Israel Mother named Benny in May 1932 when they returned from New Jersey. For years I believed my name was Dwayne or Dwight Morrow. Whenever I saw my picture I was reminded of my uncle Dwight Morrow. We were very close.
    Hattie Altis would never let me call her mother. That was ok with because I knew she was not my mother. I was certain my family lived in New Jersey when I was kidnapped. I got tired of hearing Israel bragging about the kidnapping so I ran away for nearly a year. I spent my life searching for my family. Whenever I got close I would freeze up.
    The reason I live in Vancouver, WA. Is because my aunt owns a farm 15 miles from where I live. I met one my relatives it frightened me so much I could not talk

  16. Benny Altis

    August 1967 I contacted Dr. Robert Ruthven at Compton Psychiatric Foundation Hospital. After taking my personal history information Dr. Ruthven told me I was trying to live two lives’ at the same time. He told me he knew who I was and I did at the subconscious level but not at the conscious level; also he was afraid to tell me who I was because I might become a vegetable. He began teaching me what he knew about psychology. After three years, he said I taught you everything I know about the mind. The next four years I researched how I believed the human mind functions. Today I am satisfied that life is eternal and there is no God plus what we call death is a product of mans’ beliefs and behavior. I wrote a script for a four act play about life and the human mind. Titled Interlude by Little Benny copy write 1974 I did it in poetry. I have never sold any my writings

  17. Benny Altis

    Hello to the Lindbergh’s
    This is Benny you know where I live and you’re free to connect me at littlebennny@ I would love to talk to anyone of the family I don’t bite, fight or sue. My grandfather C. A. Lindbergh said to tell you Hello.
    Have a beautiful day,

  18. Lisa

    I met this man and his wife at my part time employment. I believe his story. I did alot of reading on it. I have heard no more. Did the family ever do dna testing?

  19. James Rockford


    CAL, Jr. stated that he has a foot deformity that would be unlikely to occur twice in the same place in another offspring. The Lindberg’s gynecologist referenced this during the investigation, but the remains from Hopewell were so deteriorated that this could not be confirmed.

    Therefore I believe you are wrong in your assessment. The ultimate truth would be DNA evidence, which has been destroyed by the Lindbergh family that received the evidence from the Police Museum in Trenton.

  20. Frank Horn

    Today is Oct 14, 2014. I heard about CAL, Jr, on George Noory’s COASTTOCOASTAM radio program several years ago. On my email typed above, after fh should be one underscore, which does not appear, but must be in any email to me. I am wondering if CAL Jr is still alive….?

  21. Gerald McGarvey

    To whom it may concern

    On 3/27/15 Benny Altis passed away peacefully in his sleep.

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you that as his neighbor of approximately 24 years, he has told me the story of the kidnapping many times. His details never ever changed even as he had grown old and tired. I believe that he believed that he was the son of Charles Lindberg and therefor I believe he in fact was. We spent many many hours gardening together over the last two decades and each year after gaining my trust he would tell me more, give me more details. I’ve viewed the photographs of Charles Linberg Jr the infant and I could see the unmistakable resemblance in their face, eyes and hair before he had lost it. If you have any questions or would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to reach me at

    Services will be held at the Evergreen Memorial Gardens 04/04/15 at 10:00am Here is their website

  22. Clint Lenard Post author

    Hey Gerald,

    I just came across this and I’m saddened to hear the news. Really sorry to hear that. Hope he had a great service.

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