Why Most Social Network Scripts Suck.

Everything posted in this post is my own Personal Opinion.
So, some of you might be here after seeing me argue with some moron (in my opinion) about how crappy his Business ethics (from what I’ve dealt with) are. Now I decided to make another post and keep it out of the forums.

I find it funny that the owner of this “certain script” claims I stole the script I purchased. Without proof of me not buying – he chose to say there was no proof of me buying… uhhhh, how did he come to this conclusion? I told him right from the start “me and my Business partner purchased the script” and yet he continues to accuse me of theft? Interesting Business Tactics!

I truly believe that if a Business owner can argue with clients on a Public Forum – he has no reason to be in Business, at all. The way this guy comes off is unbelievable! To think that he had the gonads to publicly humiliate one of his Clients (Code Monster) by calling him a liar instead of trying to resolve it in PM’s or even HIS OWN FORUMS? No, he chose to start with calling me a liar for giving an Honest Review of his script (which has turned to complete crap… more on this in a minute, I’ll explain why) and when another one of his clients replied – he jumped down the guys throat, called him a liar and then went as far as calling me a thieve.

The best part of this was the fact that the guy had the nerve to have his own little crew (as well as himself) create new accounts and give Positive Feedback, that’s great! I haven’t seen those kinds of moves since 2002 when a 15 year old was trying to vote for himself on my old Hip Hop forum.

Childish? Definately…

Now, I admit that I could have been a little different – BUT, yes BUT, I was stating my honest opinion and he then called me a liar. Of course I will become angry about it.

For the owner of Buddy Zone:

Mr. “VastalITech”,

You sir are one of the worst Business men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, anywhere. The simple fact that you can attempt to publicly humiliate one of your clients (Codemonster) on a public Forum is not only childish but embarassing for anyone using your software.

The simple fact that you called me a liar for having your Product is a slap in the face. And let me tell you – a slap in the face with me gets you 10 right back, alot harder. I will continue to point out every flaw in your software and company until you publicly apologize for every incident you created.

I will not give you the name of the person who purchased the Software for the simple fact that your Business Ethics are shady, to say the least. I truly believe that once you find out the name – the license will be gone and you WILL accuse that person of theft. This is why I know you will fail: You’re a terrible person to deal with, period. Nobody wants to deal with a used car salesman and to be honest – you’re much worse.

Your product was okay in my books – but definately not better than PHPFOX, not even close! But now – your product is an absolute joke because of the simple fact that YOUR BUSINESS tactics are a disgrace. A Customer should definately do some research on a product and the Company that stands behind it. That company should be represented in the most Professional of ways. You sir are not even remotely close to being a Gentleman.

I hope that other Consumers interested in your product reads up on all of the negative remarks on public forums made by yourself to others who gave their honest opinion about your company and your script.

I will never purchase a single thing from your company again and I hope others will start to see the light.

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