Introducing The Absolute Most Powerful Ways To Explode Your Competitors Income!

Dear Friend,

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent alot of time on Message Boards (forums) having discussions and even arguments about Products, Services, Food, Cars, Reviews and all kinds of other things humans are interested in.
…I’ve been there, for years.

And very recently I’ve Discovered The Key Elements to ruining your Companies Reputation fast and efficiently while helping your competitors blow you out of the water, FAST!
In this Special Report you will see, exactly, how to Absolutely Destroy Your Own Business On A Message Board.

Give me a few minutes of your time and I will hand you the most important information you will need to help you help your competition online.


By clicking on the Read More link you’ve finally admitted that you’re ready to take the next steps in destroying your Company online.

Below is the Step By Step Special Report you need to become the most successful Self-Destroyer on ANY FORUM!

Ready? Then Let’s get started!

1. First step is the most obvious. You need a company! If you haven’t started your own company online – you don’t know what you’re missing! Everyone’s doing it so it must be the in thing! Start Your Business Today! It’s SO EASY TO DO! Grab a name and Voila! Let’s continue…

2. Now grab a free template and throw something together! Once you’ve got your Premade, fugly template ready to go onto your $9.20 Domain all you need now is hosting and your Business is 90% Complete! So, grab some hosting from anybody and let’s continue!

WOW! That was easy, wasn’t it? Okay, next…

3. Now you’ve got your site up and running… you’re now the new proud owner of an Online Business! But don’t get too excited yet – we’ve still got plenty to learn! So the next step is to take a crash course on Internet Business. So, hop on over to any forum and read a thread or two…this way you can become super-qualified as an Internet Guru. When you’ve read atleast 2 threads, continue to the next step.

4. Okay, so what would you like to sell? You should look around at “what’s hot” and create a package. Hmmmmm…MySpace seems to be the hottest subject online – can we do something with this? Yes, yes we can! Everybody is interested in finding a script to create their own MySpace so let’s get one started! First we need to take a crash course in PHP though, as it’s the most popular language online. Oh, let’s not forget HTML, CSS and MySQL…just incase. 🙂 So, take a few hours and learn all you can so we can wrap this project up! Try studying here:

5. Okay, so you’ve studied for a few hours, right? Now let’s throw something together so we can mass produce this puppy! We need to plan it out… so here’s the plan:

  • Design the UI … should take 1 hour, tops!
  • Design the DB Structure… 2 hours tops!
  • Code… I’m hungry. Spaghetti anyone? Hurry this thing up!
  • Next we’ll need atleast 2 days thinking of the perfect way to market this product. Hmmm…

Alright… it’s been a long few days, hasn’t it? But the good news is – all that hard work will pay off in the end! I know you’re probably really tired by now but get up! It’s time to sell this sucker!

6. Let’s create an online ordering system! No time for anything special, throw up PayPal or something and continue…

7. Now…what should we do once the orders come in? How will we handle Customer Support? Hmmm… we could just ignore it and blame the Customer for all of the problems they’re having? Yeah, we’ll try that route! It’s easier! We should definately put up forums though, our competitors have them so we should have one too, just inccaaaassseee.

8. Okay, now we’re ready! So our Business is built, our site is live and our script is ready to go live on any server. Here comes some orders!

Now that the orders are coming in we need to focus on how to handle angry clients. After all, our product is not put together very well and we’re too lazy to handle more than 1 reply telling the customer to go f$*k themselves. So, what should we do?

Well, there’s several ways to handle these problems.

First and foremost is to wait…

…that’s right! WAIT.

We’re going to wait until the Customer is absolutely P!SSED OFF enough to write bad about our Company or Product!

Why would we do this you ask?

Simple! See, if we just wait and look around – we’re bound to find bad mouthing about our product somewhere. So, while we’re too lazy to worry about our Customers who we suckered into purchasing our script – we’ll spend our days bad mouthing them right back!

YES, THAT’S RIGHT! Instead of handling their requests we will COMPLAIN RIGHT BACK AND CALL THEM LIARS AND THIEVES!

Why not? Nobody will ever be able to prove that they purchased the script, right? It’s all he-say she-say from here on out boys and girls!

So, let’s go find our first Angry Customer.

In this Special Report we’re giving you the Absolute, most POWERFUL Tool ever developed and we’re giving it to you for FREE! YES, FREE! There’s no tricks here, friend. Click here to test out this tool, we’re sure you’ll find it useful!

Look! There’s someone claiming our script is NOT the best in the world! Now, we know it’s crap and they know it’s crap…but the other suckers who read that may not have known! So, let’s sign up for this site and fire back immediately!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call the client a Liar
  2. Call the client a Thief and claim they stole the script and they should not have anything to say at all!
  3. If all else fails, continue to make an ass of yourself.
  4. Okay, so that doesn’t work either… next, let’s go do the Most Creative, Sneakiest, Secretive Trick EVER!


YES, Once again I’ve given you another Powerful Tool to help you completely Explode your Competitors Revenue, month by month!

With this Super, Sneaky, Powerful Tool called “The Alias” we can now give our company a POSITIVE REVIEW and BAD MOUTH OUR COMPETITION!

But there’s a trick… you MUST… I MEAN MUST Register this alias to the forum THE DAY YOU ARE ARGUING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS! Without doing this – you’re only helping yourself. By Registering that day you’re now allowing everyone to see the Super, Sneaky, Up-your-sleeve Trick Alias with 1 post…specifically regarding your Product, in a POSITIVE WAY!

Powerful, right?

Yes, YES it is!

And there you have it folks. By following this Special Report – you too can help your competitors Business Grow and watch your own Business Collapse! BUT DO NOT DELAY! YOU MUST TAKE ACTION TODAY OR YOUR COMPETITION MAY STEAL THESE IDEAS BEFORE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!!

What are you waiting for???


Thank you for reading,

Clint Lenard

3 thoughts on “Introducing The Absolute Most Powerful Ways To Explode Your Competitors Income!

  1. VoodooQueen

    That was such a funny read! I only came across this by accident because of me doing a Google search to find out more about phpfox and other SN software. Well… digital point forum came up and I read the thread ‘Objective SN reviews’. I saw the attack on you and in your post the link to this. I laughed when I saw just that link. I wonder if he bothered to click on it.

    Good luck with it all. I wish you well.


  2. clint.lenard Post author

    Hey VoodooQueen,

    Thanks for the comment! I’m positive he read it and I hop ehe keeps me in mind next time he attempts to attack one of his clients. I’m not doing it just to be an @sshole… seriously, I’m doing it to make sure others don’t have to be treated with the same disrespect I had to put up with.

    Unfortunately I can’t punch him on the internet so this is my equivalent lol


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